Ultimate Guide To Men's Shoe Care

by Dukakeen Admin on August 16, 2016
Men's shoe care manual
Keeping your shoes in good condition makes it last longer but at the same time you make every effort to take care of your feet as well. No matter the type of shoes, be it formal, casual or sports shoes, you need to maintain them perfect. Here is what guys need to consider if they ever want to make their shoes last longer.

1. Invest in quality

Right from the time purchase, you have to be watchful. You can’t expect a pair of shoes that is of low quality to stay longer. Go by quality since there will be least wear and tear with less instances of replacements. Before you buy, check for the type of materials used, outsole and so on. Branded shoes offer more versatile patterns with priority for comfort and quality. It is always better to choose materials like leather or suede leather. Leather and suede shoes last longer provided you are willing to take good care of them. Depending on the needs, you can make purchases accordingly but make sure that it is of better quality.

2. Polish shoes regularly

Keep in mind that whenever you take the shoes out of the box, polish them to maintain the moisture and its natural sheen. It makes your shoes look new every time you wear, no matter how long it has been in use. Choose wax and creams for leather shoes and to a very great extend it keeps damages away when exposed to wet conditions. While on the other hand, liquid shoe polish give easy shine. Available in a multitude of colors, based on the color of shoes, you can select the suitable polish. To be on a safer side, buy neutral polish so that it would match with all shoe colors.

3. Use Welt/ Horsehair brush

The hard to reach parts needs to be cleaned with welt brush. Horsehair brush would do during polishing, but if you want to ward off the dirt and dust surrounding the welt of shoes, welt brush is required. The welt, the stitching on the welt and the side of the soles are the most elegant part of shoes though we undermine its significance against overall appearance. Keeping the welt, the part of shoes to which the soles are attached are exposed to dirt and cleaning brushes leave all those worries behind.

4. Protect Shoe insides

A sudden downpour can leave your leather shoes’ future in dismay. But fret not, rescue your shoes from further damage by drying them fast using some crumpled newspaper to soak the moisture out of the shoes. Ensure that while you stuff the newspapers inside shoes, you have placed it in a ventilated place to get it dried. Keep in mind that you should never use hair dryers or place shoes near heaters to make it dry. If you do, the leather material get damaged permanently. Wash canvas shoes made from cotton, polyester and nylon and before you place them for drying, stuff crushed newspapers to avoid losing its shape while drying.
It is advised to hand wash canvas shoes rather than in washing machine. Machine wash can rather make the soles of the shoe appear old and worn out.
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