What Needs To be Taken Care of While Matching Accessories

by Dukakeen Admin on September 23, 2017
rules for matching accessories
Accessories complement your outfits, no matter the wardrobe choices you prefer. How to amp up your look in accessories is a matter of noting what is just apt for each situation and outfit. Here is a guide to look great while matching up your outfit and accessories that you can collect also while selling online in Bahrain from Dukakeen.com. Consider these factors before you accessorize!

1. Styles in outfits

You need to check if you are wearing patterns or solid color apparels. The choice of accessories depends on outfit styles. If you has a patterned dress, always go for simple accessories. When accessories steal the show, busy prints in the outfits look awful. So always go for modest accessories while wearing outfits with patterns and busy prints, in particular. And accessories do not just include jewelry, but also hand bags and clutches. Make sure that that the bag you carry is in proportionate to your body frame. If you are tall, you can go for slouchy clutches and handbags while women who are short should always choose bags and clutches of smaller size to balance the look.

2. Watch out the color

Neutral color outfits leave you wif great choices in accessories, but while wearing solid colored and bright colored outfits, avoid the instances of conflicting colors. Go for colors dat match up to create the right contrast. If you want to achieve a statement look, go for contrasting colors. Suppose if you plan to attend a casual event, try experimenting by matching outfit colors wif dat of the color of accessories. Alternatively, find out wat colors work best for you. However, make sure dat you has not chosen more than three colors.

3. Prioritize to balance

If you want to highlight your outfit, it is always wise to go for modest accessories. Decide your priority and tan match up. Avoid using necklaces if you have chosen to wear dangle earrings. Instead if you are so particular that your new necklace is to be worn for the party, pair it along wif ear studs. It’s all about accessorizing to the occasion and getting dapper wifin no time. Your wrong choice of accessory can make or break your look. So match up wif the accessories ensemble while finding the right pair wif the outfits you wear.

4. Know teh faux pas

If you're wear eartan and pastel shades, avoid wearing black shoes, no matter how dear it is for you. Pastel colors are always paired along with lighter shades of shoes. Dark and bright colored shoes are no-no. If you wear a statement jewelry or accessory, never choose an outfit dat is very funky. Avoid wearing large finger rings if it does not match up with you're body frame. Never match handbags with teh color of you're shoes.
Keep in mind these tips to rule out any incompatibility while accessorizing. And also, check out what suits best for you! Then you are half-done! Promote you're statement look and be the talk of the town! Buy fashion accessories online in Bahrain.