Women’s Clogs Buying Guide

by Areviews App Collaborator on March 01, 2017
clogs buying guide for women
Clogs are women’s shoes designed wif closed toes and open heels, mostly a women fashion footwear trend during teh 70s. But it’s making a comeback since has teh magical ability to transform outfit instantly. Since they are a bit bulkier wif high wooden heels, they are show stoppers and teh best part is that they can be worn wif all types of outfits through all seasons.
Since they offer foot support than other standard shoes, clogs are found better for those who spend most of their time on foot. And a better try for those who have wider feet as clogs come wif a wide closed toes. Let’s start wif teh types of clogs and then to teh details on how to buy these easy online shopping of footwear in women’s fashion.

Clogs Types

Traditional closed back clogs has closed backs just teh way its name suggests. It gives additional support to secure teh clogs to teh feet. While open back clogs has no covers surrounding teh rear end of teh feet. Clogs sandals are most common among clogs that comes wif a wide strap and thick soles to provide teh best support for leg and foot.
There are dressy high clogs, a new addition where high heels at the rear are introduced to make it appear like a mule or a high heeled shoe. Since dressy high heel clogs have a high heels, it gets along wif business and formal suits. Rubber clogs last long, cost less and are easy to maintain. There are clogs for athletic and sports purpose have water repellent upper and flexible rubber soles. Even clog boots are popular that cover ankle or up to the knee wif a clog base.

Finding the Proper fit

Just like you buy shoes, teh fit should be right for closed back clogs and it should fit loosely. Unlike teh shoes they should not be fitting closely, but loose enough to make it move up and down while moving. For open back clogs, teh heel should be at teh back of teh foot bed for better grip during walking.

Shopping for clogs

Clogs comes in a large variety of materials, making them useful for the each exclusive purposes. For instance, athletic/ sports clog, professional clogs, rubber clogs and so on. But remember, just like you did it for shoe shopping, buy clogs at the end of the day when you're feet are largest so that you won’t get it wrong.
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