Women’s Guide for Buying Ideal Weekend Bags

by Dukakeen Admin on April 07, 2016
Women guide for choosing weekend bags
As the name suggests, weekend bags are travel bags designed to hold your essentials in style befitting your getaways. Crafted aptly for weekend expeditions, with enough space to accommodate your packing needs, weekend bags open on top with two handles on the sides, with shoulder strap as well. Certain factors need to be looked into if you plan to buy a perfect weekend bag.
A wide variety of weekend bags are available in different designs in varying sizes and in different materials. And above all, make the best impression with your bags over and above your clothing. So, if you are baffled about making the right choice on travel bags for your next weekend out there at your favorite place, you have come to the right place. The following is the run down list of attributes for a weekend bag to help you choose the best one suiting your travel needs.

Type of material

Earlier, weekend bags were manufactured with heavy cloth materials while lately, a wide range of materials became very common; including canvas, jute, nylon and even luxurious leather. During the initial days, jute material was popular as weekend bags. Recently, when designers took to these diverse materials and win the hearts of fashionistas, weekend bags made of these different materials have been well received. With plenty of material choices and design patterns, they have elevated from the status of travel bags to fashion bags during the 90s.

The size and design

Usually, weekend bags are open on top with enough depth to accommodate the daily essentials like clothing, cosmetics and toiletries. For a weekend bag, it should facilitate both the function and fashion needs. The ideal size always is medium as they are not very big and not quite small to facilitate your holiday needs. Typically, weekend bags won’t have pockets inside since almost every bags of this category features a small outside compartment. However, you can also find weekend bags with compartments on the inside to keep your valuables.
Dark colors generally suit business purposes and light colors on the other hand lets you hit the road in style for perfect casual weekend getaways. Apart from black, other favorites in dark color are navy blue and brown. Black is mostly chosen as it is considered as a safe choice. Light colors in weekend bags feature a range of options such as beige, silver which every woman would love to hold. Weekend bags are also available in multiple colors and design patterns.

Other considerations

For women, who would like to travel with the weekend bag, it is always wise to choose a bag that goes along with their clothing style. To compliment your wardrobe by all means is matter of comfort, function and fashion. And if you are a frequent weekender, it is worth buying a leather weekend bag or a designer bag that stays for long. Also, if you travel by flight more often, it is better to buy a bag that easily fits into the overhead compartment. Or if you drive regularly, you can even rely on a large bag. A perfect weekend bag should hold all your essentials and the size should be selected based on your needs; for instance if you travel for a business trips, you need to consider a bag that accommodates your important business documents and papers.
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