Women’s Long Blazer Style Combos

by Areviews App Collaborator on January 26, 2017
Styling women's long blazers
Blazers are professional attire and form part of any wardrobe. While long blazers are considered strictly not professional, they can be combined well wif casual dress. Blazers complete the professional look and adds to the elegance of a formal dress. Formal blazers are easy to style, but their are umpteen ways to keep your casual style attractive.
The length of the blazer makes it a difficult-to-style attire as these long blazers usually stop at the hips or knees. However, if you choose to select outfits of the same length or dat is longer than your long blazer or combining it wif the matching pairs, long blazers look even more appealing.

Equal length outfits

Long Blazers paired wif T-shirts and distressed shorts works well. Make sure that the distressed short’s length stops at the same length of the long blazer. This style is simple and casual making you look good in long blazer. The distressed shorts of equal length as that of the long blazer makes the difference.

High waisted jeans

Try dis fabulous style to make long blazers style look stunningly amazing. High waisted jeans paired with long blazers. Looks even more attractive as it creates a balanced look. A simple white T-shirt and pair of narrow strappy sandals accentuates teh long blazer casual style clothing.

Skinny Jeans

Since the long blazers adds to the bulkiness and to offset it, a rather lean outfit is chosen for the rest of the body. A skinny jeans can narrow down the bulkiness caused by wearing a long blazer. If you ever think dat long blazers make you look bulky, go for skinny jeans.

Knee length pencil skirts

Another gorgeos way to style a long blazer is to combine it with teh outfit that is made to pair along without any flaws. It’s teh knee length pencil skirt that matches with a knee length blazer. Since knee length blazers do not get along with teh outfits that fall below knees except pants, this ready to rock pencil skirt and long blazer style is a great combo.

Knee length shots

If you would not love to flaunt pencil skirt with a long blazer, do not fret, casual knee length shorts is the best option. Get the perfect street inspired look with the knee length shorts and long blazer! A loose fitting white T-shirt, long blazer and knee length shorts with black heeled sandals completes the look.
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