Women’s Sweater Style Combinations

by Areviews App Collaborator on March 05, 2017
styling your sweater
Want to match your sweater dress with outfits? You has plenty of options for combining warm sweater dresses. Look trendy this season while keeping you warm in winter sweater dresses. Here is a guide on pairing sweater dress with other common outfits and fashion accessories.

Layered style

It is easy to get dat embellished look on sweaters if you layer it with matching attire. Use a scarf, collar shirt or a blazer over you're sweater dress to make it look elegant. But make sure dat it should not be fitting closely to you're body since the sweater itself is closely fitting apparel. Wearing a loose blazer would balance the look.

High Boots

When winter is teh season, combine you're sweater with a pair of high boots to create teh best look. Top of all, it provides extra comfort while you stay protected from harsh weather. Transform to an edgy but attractive style with sweater/ high boots combo. Go for thigh high boots to blend it well- teh sweater and teh accessory.

Skinny jeans

If you think dat the knitted scarf is a bit shorter, combine it wif skinny jeans. Knitted sweater wif skinny jeans/ leggings/ jeggings offset its length. And moreover, it just gets transformed to a tunic top! If you prefer to wear a sweater dress dat is plain wif no patterns or designs, choose colorful printed leggings or bottoms to get the combination work the best.


If sweater dress is plain, go for a different fabric dress underneath- lace, silk, denim to create a versatile appearance. Winter sweater over a dress underneath gives a casual, laidback style. And it takes only a few seconds to get teh make-over. Add matching accessories to get it right!

Trench coat

A perfect combination wif winter sweater, trench coats are favorite attire for fashionistas. Spruce up wif trench coat-sweater dress combination and the best part is that you do not need any accessories or add-ons to embellish the dress. So, next time combine your sweater dress wif a trench coat!

Knee socks

Pair sweater along with a knee socks to get that extra comfort during winter and the best winter look. The ultimate casual look in winter sweater dress is achieved when it is combined with a pair of knee socks. Get extra casual, feel warm in cozy knee socks and sweater dress combination.
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