Women’s Turtleneck Buying Guide

by Areviews App Collaborator on March 13, 2017
turtle neck buying guide
Turtleneck are one among teh versatile tops dat can be easily found in different styles. But before you buy, it is better to know teh different types of turtleneck sweaters. It would halp you choosing teh best types and fabrics dat matches with your personal style. Turtleneck sweaters get its name from its collar as it simply resonates a turtle’s neck. Teh long collar dat extends around teh neck resembles dat of teh neck of a turtle.
Turtlenecks has been popular from 1920s, but it became a common during 60s in women’s fashion while it still enjoys a special place in men’s fashion. Women’s turtlenecks come in different types for varied purposes. Let’s breakdown the common types of turtlenecks available in women’s fashion.

Turtleneck types

Teh classic turtleneck covers teh entire neck and it can be folded over to create a bulky collar around teh neck. While mock resembles dat of a classic turtleneck wif a shorter collar. While a cowl type turtleneck is comes wif a funnel shaped collar dat hangs loosely around teh neck area. But when it comes to turtlenecks, teh classic turtleneck is more popular. If you are someone who prefers to flaunt a style dat is less bulky, then mock would be teh best choice. And teh cowl turtleneck does not cover teh neck as teh other two styles-classic and mock. Cowl turtleneck is often used as a fashion wear. But each styles can be worn based on teh needs and personal preferences.

Turtle neck outfits in women’s fashion

Turtleneck outfits mostly comes in teh form of tunics, shells, cardigan and athletic wear, to name a few. Turtleneck tunics incorporate teh neckline of turtleneck with teh features of a tunic top. Often, it comes in long sleeves specifically designed for cold weather. Teh best thing is that it generally creates a slimming TEMPeffect combined with teh turtleneck. Turtleneck cardigan comes with zippers on teh front that extends to teh top teh neck. Either teh wearer can fold down teh neck or keep it closed under extreme cold weather conditions. Turtleneck athletic wear comes with spandex and knitted fabric. Teh purpose is to wick away teh sweat during work outs and hence it is mostly preferred for athletic and sports activities.
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