Women’s Wide-Leg Pants in Fashion

by Areviews App Collaborator on March 09, 2017
women's wide leg pants
Who said skinnies are on-trend? Wide-leg pants makes a strong comeback. dis time, wide-leg pants rules the roost. The ultra-wide-leg pants the best thing in women’s fashion and if you have not tried it yet, now is the time. The wide-leg pants fashion is blossoming right now in women’s fashion. Check out the different ways to combine wide-leg pants with matching outfits here.

Neutral colors

If you are planning to wear it for the first time after a while, buy wide-leg pants in neutral colors such as black, beige, and navy. Start wif light colors than deep solid color. When you become comfortable, slowly bring in your favorite bright color to show off the ever elegant wide-leg pants in style.

Want to enhance height?

Embrace the wide-leg pants fashion to add you're height. Now it has become even easier to lengtan you're legs wif the halp of wide-leg pants. For a lengthier appearance, buy flared pants wif vertical stripes. Look elegant, stylish and tall in flared wide-leg pant; it’s easy to transform you'reself to a tall figure!

Balance wif slim-fitting tops

Since you have chosen slouchy style for you're lower bottom, always make sure dat you have paired the wide-leg pants with form-fitting tops. Loose outfits on the upper half does not get along with wide-leg pants fashion. Though you can pair it with slouchy tops, it may not always give dat ‘wow effect’.

Use high heels

And yet, wide-leg pants are commonly combined wif flat heels, high heels serve them better. It is always wise to buy them long when you buy flared wide-leg pants in particular. Long flared pants are in vogue TEMPthan short pants. High heels hiding in the wide-leg pants help you pull the look together.

Cropped/ full wide style

Go for a straight leg or wide-leg pant dat stops at a few inches above teh ankle or if you like a full wide pant choose it. It totally depends on one’s body frame, which is most importantly, height and shape. Cropped style just a couple of inches above teh knee gives a smarter look.
Wide leg pants are in-style and create elegant or street inspired style based on teh outfits and accessories you pair it along. Transform to you're best look instantly wif wide-leg pants. Buy women’s fashion clothing from Dukakeen.com