About Toshiba C55 Satellite Laptops

by Dukakeen Admin on December 05, 2016
About Toshiba C55 Satellite Laptops
Budget friendly laptops are in demand among those who do not do too much gaming or use intensive applications, but that are designed for impressive performance and entertainment. If you are looking for a laptop that performs better and at the same time affordable, Toshiba C55 Satellite laptops would be your best choice.
C55 Satellite laptops are among the 15.6”inch series, followed by C55 which offer 17.3” HD display screen. Let’s breakdown what C55 Satellite series has to offer for its buyers.

Design and Build

Toshiba C55 Satellite series comes with features of a budget laptop. The plastic chassis is light weight but strong which we could see in all budget laptops from Toshiba. But Toshiba C55 series have a stylish body, though. The strong hinges let you move the lid toward back to enjoy comfortable browsing/gaming/computing all the time. The multi touch trackpad covers though not very big area is outside the trackpad and provides greater comfort. The three USB ports being on the right side, however is not a comfortable feature where you find a bit of bottleneck, when you prefer to use a mouse. The Toshiba C55 Satellite series come with contoured keys and there is adequate space for trouble free typing.


Toshiba C55 Satellite series feature matte finish HD TN display panel. The 15.6” diagonal wide screen offers pretty desirable color reproduction. If we check the accuracy with colors, almost all of them lies in the middle of the color gamut. Since calibration, it is even better providing brilliant color contrast for browsing, gaming, watching and even more.


Equipped with fifth generation Intel Core i5 processor and Intel Turbo Boost technology 2.0, Toshiba C55 Satellite series is all set to meet your needs with its sleek multitasking capabilities and the exciting visuals making it much easier for you. There are hardly any instances of slowing down and facilitate the choice of installing apps that you need.


With a massive storage of one TB hard drive, the C55 Satellite series allow you to store all of your stuff in one place seamlessly- images, photos, videos, music, and applications. Comes with an in-built DVD drive, back up and share you’re your files at your convenience.
If your budget is around $500, C55 satellite laptops have to offer a lot for your money with its best features. In case, your budget stands below $450, there are many options, but evidently a device with slower performance as opposed to those falling within the $450-500 range.
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