Benefits of Choosing Cash on Delivery during Online Shopping

by Dukakeen Admin on October 17, 2016
Advantages of cash on delivery
E-commerce websites have realized that cash on delivery (COD) as an inevitable payment process. Not many buyers would like to use plastic money for safety reasons and the low percentage of people holding credit cards make online stores to provide for COD. The facility is going to stay in future though it is not evidently bringing in any benefits for e-commerce companies. Buyers on the other hand, receive big benefits by opting COD.
Let’s see some of the advantages of using COD option for buyers. The fact that it offers plenteous benefits for buyers, e-commerce businesses do not want lose such buyers who wish to go online shopping by opting the COD facility.


Buyers need not have to spend time filling out their card details. If a buyer is skeptical about disclosing his card information, it is wise to go for COD. It is rather easy to conclude the shopping process as all a buyer requires is to choose the products he/ she wants to buy and opt for COD and wait for the product to be delivered unlike using credit cards.

Free from frauds

Buyers who are concerned about online credit card frauds can opt for COD facility. And also, there is risk in using net banking services as well. Online payments are subjected to frauds and if choosing COD services eliminate such instances of losing money by way of any credit/ debit card/ online banking scams.

Easy returns

Due to any reasons, if products purchased are to be returned, COD services would help well. Products bought after effecting online payments would rather delay the process of repayments. During COD, buyer need not pay until he/ she receives the product. In fact, if there is any return of products, the process would be much easier as cash is paid at the time of delivery.

Reasonable rates

Some e-commerce companies offer free shipping on COD. So buyers pay for the product only. There are no additional costs levied and they can take advantage on such gains. Buyers can go for a shopping spree when bulk purchases are made via online shops since there would be plenty of savings on shipping charges.
The benefits of COD makes it worth opting while shopping online. So, it is always wise to choose for COD providing online shopping websites to earn its benefits.