Go Smart... Go Modular With LG G5

by Dukakeen Admin on May 30, 2016
LG G5 review
This revolutionary Android phone in the LG G-series has enamored the interests of the gadget enthusiasts ever since its introduction in late February this year. Beating Google’s Project Ara, LG G5 became the first modular smartphone that features slide-out bottom for battery in the new open hardware platform. While smartphone companies have tried out everything when it comes to hardware, modular design is the next new thing going to draw the attention and LG G5 holds the credit of introducing the world’s first ever spectacular modular smartphone.

Specs and design

LG G5 dual sim features 5.3 inches screen powered by 2.1GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor packed with 32 GB internal storage which can be further expanded up to 2TB. Comes with 4GB RAM, 16 MP primary camera and an 8 MP front camera with immense possibility for addition of modules. The world’s first innovative modular smartphone from LG runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. And also comes with many distinctive attributes such as finger print scanner on the rear storing up to five different prints storing up to five different prints, Type-C USB port 9 and battery capacity of 2800mAh.
The first ever modular phone from LG features aluminum alloy back, scratch resistant gorilla glass with metal unibody design, camera add on and hi-fi audio speakers. Just like the predecessors in this series, the power button is on the back and features a finger print scanner storing up to five different prints. The volume buttons as in many smartphones are located on the edges unlike the phones in the earlier LG G-series.
LG G5 is totally different from its counterparts with path breaking design for the battery slot located at bottom frame of the phone. This time LG has incorporated the removable battery when it is becoming a rare feature for majority of the smartphones launched in the gadgets market. A button on the left bottom slides out and you can attach separate physical parts and the best part is that the modular design, which is good enough to nullify the meagre battery life by plugging in battery packs. It can even be upgraded to double the battery capacity.
The modular add-ons that makes LG G5’s performance exceptional. Take a look at few of the modular capabilities of the phone that won the accolades as the best new smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016.

Cam Plus camera module / Extended Battery Life

The modular design gives LG G5 limitless possibilities for its buyers and is expecting third parties making way for the new modules. If these would happen, LG G5 will continue to lure smartphone addicts like never before. The user experience level would be quite different. And LG has introduced two modules until this time for G5- Cam Plus and the Hi-Fi Plus with an inbuilt amplifier enabling HD audio support. The camera add-on facilitates better grip while taking photos. Having built-in physical buttons, the Cam Plus is all set to take photos much easier on LG G5. It just gives the feel and experience of taking photos from a digital camera attributing to its zoom, shutter, video record, and power buttons.
Furthermore, the Cam Plus also comes with a 1200mAh extended battery supporting the power needs when you want to capture the best shots. So, in toto you get battery capacity of 4000 mAh. The easy to install add-ons, meeting the highest quality standards, do not hamper the use of any other functions.

The Hi- Fi Plus

If you are more of a music addict and use your phone as music player, LG G5 would pique your interest. The modular design at the bottom slides out helping you install add ons: Hi-Fi Plus module with B&O Play. Once connected, it fits snuggly into the phone’s surface. Though it is expensive, it enhances the sound quality and overall difference it gives to the ordinary music sounds pretty good. The LG G5s H-Fi Plus module features powerful audio quality designed by B&O Play and can be fitted to the exterior of LG G5 and functions with other devices that run on Android, iOS and Windows platform. The Hi-Fi Plus lets your LG G5 star as steadfast music player and lets you experience magnificent results that resonate the performance of high resolution music players.
The LG G5 features are truly impressive from its metal unibody design, removable battery to dual lens camera support. Swapping batteries and add ons for LG’s modular phone makes it the best buy for smartphone enthusiasts. With many modules to be introduced down the line, LG G5 is trotting toward a bright future it surely has in store. Experience the modular way by opting for LG G5.