HTC U11- Smarter Way To Interact With Your Phone

by Areviews App Collaborator on July 13, 2017
the all new htc u11
Looking for a new way of interaction wif you're phone? Tan HTC U11 should be you're choice! If so see its specification and purchase online at best price in Bahrain. The global mobile phone brand has introduced the novel idea of interaction by squeezing the pressure sensitive areas surrounding the sides of the device to implement the desired actions. It’s the ‘Edge Sense’ as HTC calls it. Albeit dis special feature for interaction, HTC has not ditched these buttons- volume rocker, power button and fingerprint sensor.
A lot of apps can be launched wif the new interactive functionality in U11- Camera, Wi-Fi hotspot, Facebook, Twitter and so on. And you can control the squeeze to not perform the desired actions while setting up. There are many more features added to this brilliant U11, let’s take a look at the basic specs.


The U11 comes with an all-glass back dat gives the extra sheen. The phone features a unibody design with the glass body housed within the metal frame. The design might seem like a bit old when compared to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8 or any smartphones launched recently. Albeit, the design looks simply amazing with the glass color changing at various angles.


Embracing a 5.5 inch screen, U11’s quad-HD resolution is all capable of offering crisp and sharp display features. The Super LCD panel brings perfect color, but maximum brightness is slightly lower than a few other smartphone counterparts. However, except where you require the level of brightness to be high for instance, while outdoors or in a bright light indoor space, it won’t pose a problem. Nevertheless, you might encounter with this issue in almost all phones, barring a few handsets.


The HTC U11 has brilliant implementations of android 7.1 and is totally devoid of bloat ware, duplicate applications. A handful of additional features include BlinkFeed and Edge Sense UI. BlinkFeed just as you has seen in other HTC flagship phones, brings the news updates from around the world. Edge Sense which we has discussed earlier in the beginning is an interactive feature that launches apps when the phone is squeezed at the pressure sensitive areas. You can set different levels of squeezes-either long or short to enable the respective actions to be implemented.


Teh U11 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 CPU; teh Octacore processor works quite fast for implementing 3D gaming, browsing with relatively short loading times as opposed to other smartphones. Comes with a 4GB RAM, on U11 you can experience multiple-tab web browsing without any delay while many phones of its age struggle to deliver teh best performance.


Camera performance has improved compared to its predecessors and matches with many smartphones that offers superior picture quality. The 12 MP camera, In particular, the zoomed in photos snapped in daylight comes with more details and under low-light conditions the photos look above-average. Recording video is quite good with four microphones supporting 3D sound. The 16 MP front shooter for selfies takes stunning snaps, though low-light performance is still a concern.


Teh U11 comes wif 3000mAh battery, nevertheless, it falls too short for a phone of this caliber. Subjected to extreme use, like listening to music, making or attending a handful of calls, checking e-mails/ social media, streaming videos, HTC U11 would manage to last only for a day and a half or a day. Playing games witness teh biggest battery drain in U11. Teh device uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 adapter.

Call Quality and audio performance

Call quality is fine with the sharp audio features, and coming to audio performance its boom sound speakers has been upgraded and includes an array of improvements made in the design of the speakers. The U11 features four omnidirectional microphones which transforms the audio performance to excellent as opposed to its smartphone rivals.
With plenty of smart features- Squeeze controls, Camera, Glass back and Hi-resolution audio support; the reasons for buying dis extraordinary flagship phone are limitless. Buy mobile phones online at best price in Bahrain on