iPhone 6 - Revealing The Inimitable Smartphone

by Dukakeen Admin on April 04, 2016
Apple iphone6 review
Apple iPhone enjoys staunch supporter following ever since its first generation phone revealed seven years ago. Apple iPhones have always been impeccable in delivering state of the art features with its sleek design, enhanced software, better camera quality, fine display. Seven years after, the scenario has not changed with the release of iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 have already proved that they are better contenders for Android and Windows phones with its each edition and iPhone 6 is no exception.
The iPhone 6 is similar in many aspects with its big sibling iPhone 6 plus. Both share more or less same aesthetics except with regard to the screen size and hardware features. Albeit, the former should never be considered as a lower-end edition. It is Apple’s first attempt in bringing a large screen size phone unlike its other flagship editions right from iPhone 4 through iPhone 5S.

Software and Tech specs

Preloaded with iOS 8, iPhone 6 comes with unique functions and capabilities. Now you can move on communicating with your doc using the new health and fitness app and there are many more in the App store. And the best part is that most of them are free. With the OS X Yosemite, you can connect your iPhone 6 to any Mac or other iOS devices effortlessly. You can answer calls on iPad or Mac, send text messages, share photos and videos from any devices, use iCloud and Touch ID all permitting the users enjoy seamless freedom while using the new iPhone 6.
The 64 bit dual-core Apple A8 processor is bundled with integrated graphic features letting you plunge into the world of graphic intensive games. The phone features 8 MP primary camera, play and record high speed HD videos providing unique visual experience.


Apple claims iOS 8 as the biggest iOS released yet and undeniably, it is. With more sophisticated easy to use tools, the OS is providing a range of useful features that makes iPhone 6 as the best prized edition. The iOS 8 keyboard has commendable features that needs to be mentioned with its Quick type feature which is almost identical to the Swiftkey and Swype.


The iPhone 6 features a time lapse camera mode allowing users to capture extended moments and capable of enhancing the video speed. It is just opposite to slow motion video record function included in iOS 7 released in 2013 and features are just enhanced to improve color efficiency. It is designed to downplay the limitation that comes along with low light shots. The new improved camera attributes allow it to work well on indoors as well as outdoors.


The iOS 8 on iPhone 6 features iCloud Drive, a strong competitor for Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive lets you hold, store your files and share and sync them seamlessly. You can get up 5GB free space. The iCloud assisted iOS photos app lets you edit and save your photos in all your IOS devices automatically!


Unlike the personal hotspot WiFi in iOS 7, the smart handoff features in the new iPhone 6 lets users to pick up where you left between the devices. The feature helps linking between all your iOS devices within no time. The Handoff function also functions with Maps, Calendar, Messages Keynote, Number, Pages, Reminders and Safari.

Phoning and Messaging features

With solid call quality and group messaging attributes, iPhone 6 lets users to add, drop people, mute the messages using the Do not Disturb function. The noise cancelling microphone at the top helps in enhancing the voice quality while attending calls. The call quality is better, though the single mono speaker at the bottom is not so feature rich.
You get notifications on the iOS 8 platform which help you reply directly from the lock screen without affecting your recent activity. With advanced geo location capabilities, the ‘send last location’ feature allows linking the GPS coordinates to iCloud which in particular comes in to use when battery life is at stake.

Siri Voice command

Want to make a call or text messages or arrange meetings with voice commands on your iPhone 6? It is all done with the aid of Siri Voice command feature. Siri lets you play the songs you wish to hear, identify songs with the aid of Shazam’s song recognition technology, access a match score or post updates on Facebook.

Apple Pay

The Apple Pay feature driven by NFC technology enables you to make payments online by synching your bank accounts within flip of a second via your iPhone 6 or Apple watch. Experience an entirely different way for making purchases through the breakthrough technology with fully secure features. Apple Pay facilitates easy payments online eliminating the risks involved while making transactions on web.


Its thin, rounded soft edge, dark glass front panel and metal back makes iPhone one of the smartest in the smartphone fraternity. With the screen size of 4.7 inch and distinctive finished curved design makes you hold the phone easily. Power buttons on the upper right side above the nano-sim card slot and volume keys on the left edge in rectangular shape alongside the ringer mute switch are other features.

Battery life

The iPhone 6 comes with non-removable 1810 mAH battery and the longevity is much good. A little bigger than iPhone 5S; though it has to cater to the requirements of a big screen. As opposed to the battery performance in similar competitor smartphone devices, it does seem a bit short. But works well than iPhone 5S when it comes to battery performance. The good news is that you get the battery charged to full within a couple of hours.
If you are longing for upgrading to the best ever smartphone, iPhone 6 is a much valued choice with its many unique features that competes with Android devices. With improved battery, big screen size, intuitive design attributes, iPhone 6 is an excellent choice for smart phone enthusiasts who are in search of a feature-rich smart phone from Apple brand and can own at best price online from Bahrain.