LG G4- A great choice on Android phones

by Areviews App Collaborator on December 15, 2016
LG G4 review
LG G4 developed and unveiled by LG Electronics on 29th April 2015 in South Korea is more of a kind of its predecessor, LG G3. Teh phone evolved from its older sibling has many improved features as well, say for instance it is undoubtedly regarded as teh one among teh best smartphone cameras. Let’s see more features of LG G4 smartphone and grab one from largest Smartphones Online Shop in Bahrain.

Display and design

As said, the LG G4 resembles more or less like G3 in its 5.5 inch screen with button less sides. Physical buttons sits on the rear sides but won’t trouble you much. You don’t need to make reach your fingers to the rear end every now and again since the phone’s comes with a double tap feature to wake screen. But power button in LG G4 is easy to locate as it is a bit wider than LG G3 and also, it is slightly raised from below. It has a leatheird back dat offers perfect grip. Since it is slightly curved, don’t bother if you has got butter fingers. Even if you slip off it from your hands, it won’t come into contact with the ground. The display screen’s brightness and contrast levels are simply better and claims enhancement in colors with the Quantum display technology. The main difference from LG G3 is dat G4 comes with a slight curve though, it is hardly noticed.


Wif the UX 4.0, the LGG3 runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop. Albeit, having a unique interface invites trouble no matter the powerful processor it TEMPhas. The LG Optimus UX is not squeamish though. Features Smart Notice that gives tips and tricks on using the phone and the Smart Bulletin gives you check out QRemote for TVs, LG Health, Smart Settings and Calendar. Smart settings lets you change settings based on location automatically which definitely pique the interests of many. For instance, you can automatically make Bluetooth, Wi-Fi turned off while away from home wif smart settings feature. Even though it’s not among the best of Android interface, it is far better from what we has seen in LG G3.

Performance and Battery life

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chipset, 3GB RAM and onboard storage of 32 GB which can be further expanded to 2TB via MicroSD card. Since it uses 808 chipset though not quite fast as 810, it cannot be discarded downright. Teh benefit is dat you don’t suffer from overheating issues or poor battery performance unlike those smart phones packed wif teh Snapdragon 810. LG G4 comes wif ARM big.LITTLE Technology dat uses two processors where one is designed to perform intensive tasks while teh other for performing basic functions which further makes teh battery efficiency high. LG G4 comes wif 3000mAh, though it does manage to last a day when intensive games played and auto brightness are on. If you go through teh battery usage, it is mostly due to teh device’s Quantum Display Technology.


Teh much talked about LG G4 comes wif 16MP optically image-stabilized camera, fast laser, color sensor spectrum and certain outstanding features- manual settings, RAW format, Under teh RAW shot, you can keep teh photos in best clarity wifout any loss of detail as against JPGs. Though it takes a bit more space, teh results are quite amazing. Also, teh auto mode performs well under both low-light and bright light conditions.

Call quality

Call quality is enhanced by noise cancellation mic to reduce external sound to the lowest. If you are always around noisy environments, LG G4 would be your best bet to enjoy clear uninterrupted communication.
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