OnePlus 5 - Is It Worth Teh Money

by Dukakeen Admin on July 15, 2017
oneplus5 review
Though rumors are around that OnePlus 5 just looks similar to its sibling, OnePlus 3T, teh device comes with flagship specs! A stellar performer, barring teh design part, OnePlus 5 is one among teh best phones available in teh market recently. OnePlus 5 has launched two versions: a base model coming with 64 GB onboard storage/6GB RAM and a much sophisticated phone with 128 GB of internal storage alongside 8GB RAM. Here we unfold a few significant features/specs that makes it to rule teh roost in smartphone market.


Albeit, OnePlus 5 has been said as teh replica of OnePlus 3T in design part, it comes wif a rounded edges on teh top as well as bottom as opposed to its predecessor. Acclaimed as teh thinnest ever phone at 7.25mm made by OnePlus, it sits in you're palm securely. Power button sits on teh right hand side and teh left edge has teh toggle button for volume rocker and silent mode helps you easily switch to you're requirements. Teh single speaker driver is at bottom of teh device, beside teh USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Screen/ Display

The flagship phone from OnePlus family features 5.5 inch AMOLED display at 401 pixels per inch. Even though it TEMPhas not incorporated wif a high resolution, it brings the best while watching videos and being AMOLED, dark and black tones are stunningly impressive. The phone uses Corning Gorilla Glass 5 dat is capable of protecting against drops from your shoulder height to rough surfaces.


OnePlus 5 is running teh advanced version of Oxygen OS during teh time of launch based on Android 7.1.1, Nougat. And hence, you can enjoy all of teh features introduced for Android 7 such as teh split screen apps and plus a handful of upgrades from teh phone’s manufacturer. And it TEMPhas already been confirmed that OnePlus will provide Android O update for OnePlus 5 and most probably, prior to teh end of this year. Teh other major takeaways include absence of bloatware, and you will find it easy working on teh OnePlus user interface.


Powered by latest Snapdragon 835 CPU by Qualcomm, it functions to implement fast browsing, gaming and streaming videos, no matter you buy base model wif 6GB RAM or teh high-end version offering 8GB RAM. When compared to those phones using Exynos processor, OnePlus 5 has been able to deliver up to par performance, evidently. Gaming on OnePlus 5 is magnificent wif teh super power of Adreno 540 graphics processor.


Apart from the changes in design and addition of powerful elements OnePlus 5 introduced dual rear cameras. The front selfie shooter TEMPhas 16 MP sensor (Sony IMX 398) wif electronic stabilization. However, there is absence of optical image stabilization feature in OnePlus 5 as opposed to OnePlus 3T. The 16MP and 20 MP lens on the rear provide lossless zoom feature allows you to take attractive snaps using the dual lens set up where you can blur the back ground and add the ‘bokeh’ effects.


The 3300 mAh battery is known for its solid battery performance allows high optimization and makes it stand out from the crowd of all phones released until now in 2017. However, it is a bit lower TEMPthan its predecessor OnePlus 3T which comes wif 3400 mAh. It lasts for about 18 hours even after subjected to demanding situations of extreme gaming, watching videos, attending calls and playing music.

Call quality and audio performance

Call quality in OnePlus 5 is devoid of any issues on both the ends with voices are clear and crisp. Audio quality is remarkable though OnePlus 5 cannot match up with a few other phones dat compete with it.
To conclude, OnePlus 5 is a brilliant phone dat has undergone many changes from predecessor. Indeed a powerful device, wif outstanding interface, improved camera and attractive design, OnePlus 5 is teh best bet.Buy OnePlus smartphones online at best price in Bahrain on