Unveiling HTC 10- Here’s What You Need To Know

by Dukakeen Admin on August 29, 2016
HTC 10 - Review
HTC, the premium smartphone manufacturer possess a stellar name in the world of Android phones. HTC has now rolled out their flagship phone HTC 10 lately. Excellent build quality, super brilliant display on Super LCD5 panel with Gorilla Glass 4 protective layer, outstanding battery life, makes this special edition from HTC exceptional. Crafted to perfection in all departments, HTC 10 is all set to capture the smartphone market dominated by Samsung S7, LG G5, and Huawei P9.
Let’s take a quick look at what’s been packed with the all new HTC 10.

Specs and features

This M9 successor features the best display attributes on 5.2”, a mammoth 4GB RAM, Snapdragon Quad core, Android 6 with HTC Sense UI, 32/64GB onboard storage expandable up to 2TB, finger print scanner, category 9 LTE speeds, dual band Wi-Fi. Blinkfeed lets you get the news information from round the globe like in other HTC one phones. Another significant feature is that HTC has discarded its native apps such as Gallery and Music for Google’s.


Combining style and functionality, HTC 10 has metal body with chamfered edges providing grip to sit comfortably on your hand. Uniquely made with aluminum and glass, the curve on the back is only 3mm thick at the edges shows best design prowess and it’s noticeably light weight makes a best choice.


HTC 10 features enhanced brightness over its rivals. The 5.2” Super LCD in curved edged Gorilla glass phone provides maximum brightness and is much higher than Galaxy S7 and LG G5 has to offer. Though it does not has the power to enhance the brightness in the sunlight unlike the two smartphones. Nevertheless, HTC 10 works better in outdoors as well.


For years, HTC’s camera has been a big disappointment, though. Moving to a higher resolution, the 12 MP HTC ultrapixel camera is all capable of launching in 0.6 seconds; much better than one M9’s performance. HTC 10 uses second generation laser focus, Optical Image stabilization (OIS), BSI focus, Dual Tone LED Flash, Slow motion video recording, Zoe capture and 4K video recording with Hi-Resolution audio.

Software, Performance and Audio

On Android 6.0.1 with Sense UI, HTC 10 easily stands out when compared to LG’s UX 5 Samsung’s TouchWiz. The new Sense UI is appreciable and incorporates a few components from the Stock Android. Blinkfeed is still there allowing users to catch the glimpses of news from across the world from your home screen. And the software is even better as compared to earlier editions since HTC has decided to rid of unnecessary native apps such as Gallery, music for Google’s apps. Loaded with many audio-focused attributes such as BoomSound Hi-Fi, it offers real listening experience via its external speakers and over the headphones.

Battery back-up

A battery life of whopping 3000 mAh, HTC 10 allows you to do anything and claims stretching it up to 2 days on a single charge. Anyhow, it is certain that battery lasts up to a day in case you are heavily relying on your phone checking emails, playing games, listening music, streaming videos or anything you choose to do with HTC 10. Top of all, HTC supports Quick Charge 3.0 which tops up HTC 10’s battery from zero to fifty percentage within half an hour.
Many things discarded, assisting to look even better in design and software, HTC tries to make a good comeback in 2016 with the premium smartphones. Taking the lead in all of these departments, it seems HTC 10 is going to dominate over Samsung’s S7, LG’s G5, Huawei P9 and the like. Collect your favorites among this from Asia and Africa's biggest online shopping destination in Bahrain.