What’s Exceptional on iPhone 7 Plus

by Dukakeen Admin on October 24, 2016
iphone 7plus review
Though it has not been incorporated the upgrades expected, iPhone 7 Plus is still rich in its features with improved battery life and ingenious camera. There are many more aspects to explore and here is a quick glance on iPhone 7 Plus’ most prominent features.

The key features

As opposed to its forerunners, IPhone 7 Plus comes with a classy design, enhanced battery life A10 fusion chip with two power cores designed to consume low power during simple tasks such as web browsing while the other two gets enabled when you start watching movies or play games. The battery lasts for a day even under instances of graphically intensive gaming and while using camera.
The dust and waterproof metal unibody phone does not have a physical home button instead it features pressure sensitive pad powered by Taptic Engine. Comes with a 1080p resolution and the LED backlit IPS LCD screen phone iPhone 7 Plus is 3D touch enabled as in the case of iPhone 6s. The night shift mode can be set to adjust the colors in the display so your eyes don’t get exposed to the harmful blue light. All you have to do is to choose the time and your screen would turn yellowish during that period. And in bright light during day, the display screen performs outstandingly well.
Renewed camera features on iPhone 7 plus are brilliant dual cameras with excellent lowlight performance. At the rear, there are two 12MP primary cameras; one with a wide-angle lens and the second is telephoto lens. You get two times optical zoom with a telephoto lens which is capable of giving exceptional image quality. It has wider color capture capable of producing enhanced color reproduction than its predecessors. The other options in the camera app includes photo, video, slo-mo, square, time-lapse and pano. Live photos bring life to your snaps and can be shared on social media. With dual cameras coming into iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has joined the league of HTC, LG, Huawei and Honor.
Apple iPhone runs on iOS 10 and comes with impeccable features. Redesigning the phone’s lock screen, Apple has integrated pick to wake and every time you takes the phone, it gets automatically lighted up. Coming to performance, the iPhone 7 Plus has been revived with new generation A10 processor with performance cores. Reducing the battery usage to a minimum level for basic activities, A10 chip is instrumental in improving the battery life in iPhone 7 Plus. The A10 chip is powerful than any other processors until this date.
Apple has introduced AirPods and discarded the headphone jack and the new wireless headphones in iPhone 7 Plus are compatible with all your Apple devices. These wireless headphones with a one tap set up will automatically get enabled and connected and pauses when they are taken out from ears.
With plenty of new and enhanced features, iPhone 7 Plus is worth buying if you want to upgrade your old iPhone. Buy online iPhone 7 Plus from Dukakeen.com.