Why Samsung Galaxy Note 9

by Dukakeen Admin on September 21, 2018
Galaxy Note 9 review
Samsung Electronics has launched the super powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 9 this August with its prominent new features such as the yellow stylus pen, dual aperture camera, 2 times optical zoom, cutting edge processor and whopping battery and storage options. Let’s see the key specs and features in a nutshell.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 specification

● Display 6.40 inch
● Secondary Camera 8MP
● Primary Camera 12MP
● Operating System Android 8.1
● Resolution: 1440X2960 pixels
● Internal Storage 128 GB, and expandable up to 512 GB, even 1 terabyte ready via Micro SD card
● Processor 1.7GHz octa-core
● Battery 4000mAh

Is Galaxy Note 9 worth buying?

The phone is known for its intelligent camera, scene optimizer, flaw detection feature that identifies the image blurriness, blinked eyes and smudge on the lens. Experience the ease of taking sharp and colorful photos in both daylight and night on Galaxy Note 9. Samsung claims that its HDR capabilities enhances the pic and color quality.
The S pen claims powerful Bluetooth technology, lets you make it easy to manage camera or any other apps without touching the phone. Be it drawing, taking down notes, this yellow stylus pen is going to amuse you!
None can resist experiencing the features such as Knox mobile security, the power to store more. For gamers, it is gaming optimized. For state-of the art gaming experience, Samsung has relied on Smart Performance Adjuster that is designed to adjust the gaming performance automatically. The water carbon cooling system on Note 9 is designed to give augmented performance during game time and avoids over heating of the processor. And there is an AI based performance adjuster to make sure that game runs without any lag.
Experience advanced Wireless Charging technology on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to power up to 100% without plugging it in. Supporting Wi-Fi and LTE, get noticeably fast downloads and uploads devoid of any interludes in between. Watch videos, browse internet, transfer data with integrated gigabit LTE alongside 4X4 MIMO antenna. Galaxy Note 9 lets you get incredible network speeds up to 1.2 Gbps.
Note 9 deliver high performance with its exceptional 10nm processor and outstanding 8GB RAM to help you multitask smoothly over the super powerful device. Combined with the super-fast network speeds, it simply makes possible! You can set up two phone numbers on Galaxy Note 9. If you don’t prefer to use to two SIMs, insert Micro SD card for additional storage. Speakers tuned by AKG is crafted for excellent audio performance. With its four present modes, you are sure to explore a theatrical experience, regardless of the fact that you are listening to music, watching videos or movies. A very powerful, stays-long-all-day battery never lets you become concerned about the drainage after intense usage.
Samsung claims that even if you submerge the device in water for 30 minutes, it’s designed to survive! Both the device and the yellow stylus work smooth, being dust and water resistant. The highlight is that you get the best waterproof IP rating on this, which guarantees the device’s ability to withstand dust, sand, dirt and submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5 m beneath water for 30 minutes.
Available in Metallic Copper, Lavender Purple, Ocean Blue and Metallic Black, the phone is sure to lure with its special features that bring the best performance.  Now checkout features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from Dukakeen, price ranges in Bahrain online store is between BD 379.000 and BD 478.500 depending on the color choices and storage options.