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              Appliances For Kitchen - Grills & Toasters (44)

              ZEN ZCG468RE CONTACT GRIL

              14.700 BHD17.900 BHD

              Burger Grill 1X6

              7.400 BHD

              Grill Maker-2 Slice 1X6

              5.400 BHD

              2Slice Sandwich Toaster/Nonstk Plate1X6

              5.500 BHD

              S/S Grill Maker/Nonstck Grill Surface1x4

              8.900 BHD

              4-Slice Bread Toaster Ss Body 1x4

              8.500 BHD

              2-Slice Bread Toaster Ss Body 1x6

              7.000 BHD

              2Slice BreadToaster/Crumbtray/7settig1x6

              6.200 BHD

              Elec Barbq Grill/AutoTherm/Watrprf1X4

              11.500 BHD

              Optima CK2000 Kettles+GR900 Contact Grill & Barbecue

              14.160 BHD

              Philips Grills HD4419

              34.640 BHD

              Philips Toaster HD2581

              12.590 BHD

              Neoflam Cube Die-Casted Grill Pan 28cm

              11.000 BHD

              Swan 2 Slice Toaster ST17020 Assorted Colors 1 Piece

              7.800 BHD

              Relax Barbecue Grill A-K14H

              12.000 BHD

              Black&Decker 2 Slice Toaster ET222-B5

              15.000 BHD

              Black&Decker Toaster Oven TRO2000R 19Ltr

              27.000 BHD

              Relax Round Grill 2024

              4.000 BHD

              Russell Hobbs Toaster 2 Slices 22390RH

              16.000 BHD

              Kenwood Toaster TTM440 2Slice

              16.000 BHD

              Braun Multi Toaster HT550

              25.000 BHD

              Black&Decker Contact Grill GM1750-B5

              19.000 BHD

              Braun Toaster HT600

              25.000 BHD

              Kenwood Contact Grill HG369 1500W

              23.000 BHD

              Kenwood BBQ Health Grill HG230

              25.000 BHD

              Kenwood BBQ Health Grill HG266

              22.000 BHD

              Chefline Die Cast Rectagular Grill Pan DS32

              11.000 BHD

              Pedrini Black Marble Grill Pan 28cm

              8.000 BHD

              Pedrini Ceramic Grill Pan 28cm

              7.000 BHD

              Russell Hobbs Grill 18870

              16.000 BHD

              Elekta Toaster with 3 function ET452 4 Slice

              9.000 BHD

              Black & Decker Bread Toaster 4Slice ET304

              25.000 BHD

              Black & Decker Toaster 4Slice ET-124

              17.000 BHD

              Philips 2 Slice Toaster HD2637

              14.700 BHD

              Tefal Toaster Express TT357170

              18.000 BHD

              Russell Hobbs Classic Griddle 19800 1500W

              20.000 BHD

              Philips Stainless Steel Toaster HD2628

              16.800 BHD

              Tefal Health Grill GC3060 2000W

              55.000 BHD

              Philips Table Grill HD 4419

              26.300 BHD

              Philips Contact Grill HD4467

              33.600 BHD

              Optima Electric Grill GR1800

              20.000 BHD
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