Smarter iKettle Smart WiFi Internet Smart Kettle, 3000w, Brushed Stainless Steel, 1.8 Litre (3rd Generation) - Electric, Digital Temperatures, iOS, Android App, Alexa Enabled with Keep Warm Function
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Smarter iKettle Smart WiFi Internet Smart Kettle, 3000w, Brushed Stainless Steel, 1.8 Litre (3rd Generation) - Electric, Digital Temperatures, iOS, Android App, Alexa Enabled with Keep Warm Function

111.000 BHD

Remote boil your iKettle from anywhere using the Smarter app..
By using the Smarter app customise your settings to set alarms and prompts with ‘Wake Up’, ‘Home’ or ‘Formula’ mode for your iKettle..
Adjust your iKettle's desired boiling temperature between 20-100 degrees via the Smarter app..
Connect your iKettle with other smart home devices using IFTTT and Alexa..
Simple and secure device pairing with Blink Up allows instant setup between your Smarter Coffee and Smarter app in seconds..
Imported from UK.
Size:UK Plug

Style Name:iKettle

As a nation of hot drink lovers that waste up to 33 hours a
year waiting for the kettle to boil, the iKettle will save
valuable time. Now you can also connect to your favourite iOT
devices, including Alexa, IFTTT and Nest to make your home even
With the ability to securely connect with 4G, you can now remote
boil from anywhere outside of the home.
A brand new iOS and Android App, re-designed from the ground up
packs in many new features in a simple and intuitive way to
control your iKettle. Using the latest Blink-Up technology, your
connection is now even more secure, giving you that extra peace
of mind.
The customisable water temperature feature allows you to select
any temperature between 20-100c. Ideal for connoisseurs that
drink an array of different hot drinks, this feature ensures that
the water doesn’t burn the tea leaves or coffee for a perfect
cuppa every time. The water level sensor tells you exactly how
much water is in your kettle directly on your App, so you know
how many cups you can make.
The new formula mode makes night feeds even easier, with the
ability to connect to your Nest cam with IFTTT, it will boil the
water and then notify you when it is at your desired temperature.
Schedule the iKettle to start heating at any time with Wake Up
Mode, to make sure you get your day off to the best start
possible. The iKettle 3rd Generation also welcomes you home as
soon as you walk in the door, select your normal time of arrival
and the iKettle will ask if you would like to boil the kettle.

Manufacturer's Description

‘Reinvent your kitchen’ Smarter’s philosophy
as a lifestyle technology brand is to create innovative products
in the home that are stylish, practical and convenient. Smarter’s
ground-breaking products are paving the way for a more connected
and seamless lifestyle tailored to your individual needs.

Works with… Too lazy to open the app? Connect your
iKettle to your favourite devices like Alexa and Google Home or
why not use our IFTTT services to link to other smart products in
your home.

Stay secure Using BlinkUp technology, it is now even
easier to connect to your iKettle. BlinkUp uses certified
security technology, to ensure that your IoT device remains safe
whilst connected to the internet.

Replenishment Never run out of tea or coffee again with
our in-app replenishment feature. Choose from your favourite
brands directly via the Smarter App.

Smarter app on iOS and Android Control all your
Smarter products in, and out, of the home wherever you remotely
via our Smarter App. If you’re not quite ready for your cup of
tea, you can keep it warm for up to 40 minutes, perfect for when
you can’t help but press the snooze button. Arrive home to a
boiled kettle with the new and improved Home Mode. Using Formula
Mode, night feeds are no longer a chore.

Quality and design The iKettle’s elegant stainless
steel 1.8L body holds enough water for up to 7 cups of tea or
coffee at a time. The easy pour spout allows you to dispense
water and refill with the simple one touch button lid.

About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words.

Smarter, Connected, Home

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

The iKettle was born from a love of tech and a desire to make
connected products available to everyone, not just the very techy
or the very rich. The kettle was the ideal place to start in the
UK but we were nervous about the reaction to messing with the
nations most loved appliance! It was received warmly and now
turning your kettle on by your phone is as natural as picking up
the remote to change tv channel. A natural progression for our
European neighbours was our Smarter Coffee machine, bringing the
same tech wizardry to the coffee lovers day.

What makes your product special?

Our products are special as they enable users to interact and
customise an appliance that is used in homes across the world
several times a day. Personalising the user experience, enhancing
the taste of their drinks and saving precious moments in the
busiest times of the day. We believe that the heart of the home
rests in the kitchen. It is the place that you automatically go
to when you get up in the morning, when you feel hungry, thirsty,
and the place you gravitate to at parties and the last place you
leave when you go to bed. There is always a task to do or a chore
to be done. It is truly the centre of your life. We believe you
should be able to have access to all your household appliances at
anytime, anywhere in the world. It is our mission here at Smarter
to make your existing kitchen space Smart by connecting old
appliances and bringing them into the connected world. Household
chores will be a thing of the past. Using Smarter products you
will save time and money giving you the freedom to live life
outside the kitchen.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

By far the best part for us has been our customers, they are
fantastic! It’s been such an interactive journey with them giving
us their feedback on features, suggesting improvements, many of
which we have been able to implement and of course telling us if
we’ve got it wrong! But it’s become a community of support for
the product and ensures that we’re never out of touch with the
people that are using the products in their every day life. It
was something we didn’t expect and it’s been a really positive
and useful experience.

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