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              Bin and Basket

              Zojirushi Flask AFFB-13 1.3Ltr

              12.030 BHD

              Tiger Stainless Flask PRT A13S 1.3Ltr

              13.710 BHD

              Tiger Flask PXJ100S 1.0Ltr

              9.560 BHD

              Tiger Flask PRO S-100 1.0Ltr

              10.190 BHD

              Speed Vacuum Flask 500ml + 2 Mugs

              5.200 BHD

              Speed Vacuum Bottle with Strap Assorted Colour

              5.200 BHD

              Speed Stainless Steel Travel Flask 1Ltr Assorted Color

              3.630 BHD

              Speed Sports Bottle 600ml Assorted Color

              4.470 BHD

              Speed Double Wall Cola Can KW163V 450ml Assorted Color

              3.420 BHD

              Peacock Vacuum Flask CIT130 1.3Ltr Assorted Color

              11.920 BHD

              Peacock Flask Button 1Ltr Assorted

              9.500 BHD

              Peacock Flask Button 1.9Ltr Assorted

              13.650 BHD

              Peacock Flask Button 1.6Ltr Assorted

              13.500 BHD

              Mayflower Vacuum Flask Gold 1Ltr

              12.540 BHD

              Hundred Degree Vacuum Flask Assorted Color 1.0Ltr

              5.200 BHD

              Hundred Degree Vaccum Mug XG-8077 420ml Assorted Color

              4.190 BHD

              Hundred Degree Travel Mug XG-7981 260ml Assorted Color

              4.150 BHD

              Hundred Degree Travel Mug XG-7897 450ml

              3.100 BHD

              Hundred Degree Travel Mug XG-7896 400ml

              1.990 BHD

              100 Degree Vacuum Flask Line 1Ltr

              3.680 BHD

              100 Degree Vacuum Flask 1.3Ltr Assorted Color

              4.730 BHD

              100 Degree Pump Vacuum Flask Print 1.9Ltr Assorted Color

              6.200 BHD

              Soon Thorn Waste Basket Assorted Color 351

              1.880 BHD

              JCJ Pedal Bin 2143 Assorted Colour 10Ltr 1pc

              6.070 BHD

              JCJ Basket Assorted Colour 2114\

              1.710 BHD

              Stright Line Foldable Storage Box 22Ltr

              2.500 BHD

              Cosmoplast Bucket EX-50 13Litre Assorted Color 1pc

              2.800 BHD

              JCJ Dust Bin Assorted Colours 15Ltr

              6.240 BHD

              JCJ Basket Assorted Colour 2115

              1.890 BHD

              Cosmoplast Waste Basket Small Assorted Color 1pc

              1.100 BHD

              Cosmoplast Basin 10inch Assorted Color 1pc

              0.600 BHD

              Cosmoplast Bucket EX100 26Ltr Assorted Color

              5.570 BHD

              Cosmoplast Bucket EX-90 20Ltr Assorted Color

              3.300 BHD

              Cosmoplast Drum Bucket 70Ltr Assorted Color

              7.990 BHD

              Cosmoplast Bucket EX-70 17Litre Assorted Color 1pc

              3.100 BHD

              Cosmoplast Bucket EX-30 5Litre Assorted Color 1pc

              1.100 BHD

              Cosmoplast Basin 27inch Assorted Color

              5.500 BHD

              Cosmoplast Bucket EX-40 10Litre Assorted Color 1pc

              1.990 BHD
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