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              Make your vegetables chopping easy with the latest Electric and Manual Choppers & Slicers that fits your daily food chopping and slicing needs. Get the best products online and grab your favourite chopper today from brands like Philips, Kenwood, Moulinex, etc you will love at great low prices online.


              Moulinex Chopper DJ755G27

              30.590 BHD

              Kenwood Mini Chopper CH185

              15.540 BHD

              Optima Mini Chopper MP60

              8.880 BHD

              Moulinex Chopper DPA1

              23.250 BHD

              Moulinex Chopper AT711161

              18.800 BHD

              Kenwood Chopper CH550

              15.650 BHD

              Philips Chopper HR1393/01

              17.230 BHD

              Panasonic Meat Grinder MKMG1500 1500W

              52.000 BHD

              Philips Meat Grinder HR2713/31 450W

              46.100 BHD

              Panasonic Meat Grinder MKMG1300 1300W

              45.100 BHD

              Kenwood Meat Grinder MG510 1600W

              59.750 BHD

              Black+Decker Meat Grinder FM1500B5 1500W

              33.590 BHD

              Black& Decker Chopper FC300B5 500W

              16.440 BHD

              Black & Decker Mini Chopper SC350-B5 120W

              14.070 BHD

              Moulinex Chopper DP790A27 500W

              23.480 BHD

              Moulinex Mini Chopper AT712G61

              24.050 BHD

              Kenwood Mini Chopper CH180

              10.100 BHD

              Philips Chopper HR1398/90 1.25Ltr

              24.480 BHD

              Kenwood Chopper CH580 450W

              15.860 BHD

              Moulinex Chopper DPA1

              23.760 BHD

              Moulinex Chopper AT718A27

              29.610 BHD

              Optima Mini Chopper MP60

              8.900 BHD

              Moulinex Mini Chopper DJ453B27 500W

              17.700 BHD

              Philips Onion Chopper HR2505/91

              26.940 BHD

              Black + Decker Salad Maker SM250-B5 200W

              33.450 BHD

              Food Chopper/S/S Bowl&Quad Blade1x8

              22.080 BHD

              Electric Chopper/2 Speed/1.5 L 1X6

              9.840 BHD

              4.0Ltr Double Blade Food Chopper 1X6

              17.160 BHD

              2.0 Ltr Bowl Single Blade Chopper 1X6

              13.080 BHD

              Philips Daily Collection Chopper HR1393

              16.640 BHD
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