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              Fryers and Pots (22)

              Black + Decker Aerofry AF300-B5 1.2Kg

              46.000 BHD

              Moulinex Air Fryer EZ10A127

              36.000 BHD

              Philips Air Fryer HD9645/21 800gm

              106.000 BHD

              Ikon 3D Air Fryer IK-HD15

              42.900 BHD

              Moulinex Deep Fryer MXAF123127N 1.8 Ltr

              19.900 BHD

              Philips Air Fryer HD9630 1.4Kg

              148.000 BHD

              Philips Air Fryer XXL HD9650/91 1.4Kg

              169.000 BHD

              Philips Air Fryer HD9216/81

              51.990 BHD

              Moulinex Deep Fryer AM205028 1.2Kg

              27.900 BHD

              Delonghi Multi Fryer FH1394 1.7Kg

              114.200 BHD

              IKON Halogen Air Fryer IK-01A

              39.990 BHD

              Philips Turbo Star Airfryer HD9621/41

              75.500 BHD

              Black+Decker Food Steamer HS6000B5 775W

              18.900 BHD

              Tefal Steam Cooker VC140165

              21.900 BHD

              Philips Food Steamer HD9115/91

              22.500 BHD

              Moulinex Deep Fryer AM3021 2.2 Liter

              34.900 BHD

              Tefal Food Steamer VC1301

              22.900 BHD

              Philip Airfryer HD9217/01 800gm

              51.990 BHD

              Tefal Air Fryer EY401D27 4.2Ltr

              43.800 BHD

              Tefal Actifry FZ751028 1Kg

              76.500 BHD

              Black+Decker Aero Fryer AF400 1.2Kg

              58.000 BHD

              Electric Pan/Nonstick Ctng Ckng Plate1x4

              14.650 BHD16.280 BHD
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