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              Find the perfect statues & sculpture for your garden online. Garden Statues and Decor would make a meaningful addition to your garden! Click for more garden decor and statue selections including animals, modern art, garden fairies, cute arts, secular and religious sculptures and many more.

              Garden Statues and Decor

              3Pcs Dollhouse Bonsai Craft Micro Landscape

              2.400 BHD2.800 BHD

              3Pcs Dollhouse Bonsai Craft

              2.700 BHD3.400 BHD

              Home Ornament Miniature Craft Flamingo

              4.200 BHD5.600 BHD

              10PCS/Lot 7cm Artificial Butterfly Garden Decorations

              2.600 BHD3.100 BHD

              Foam Birds Lawn Figurine Ornament Photo Props Yard Garden Craft Decor with Clip

              1.980 BHD2.060 BHD

              Cute Artificial Resin Birds

              2.800 BHD3.900 BHD

              Solar Hummingbird Power Vibration Dancing Fly Fluttering Birds

              3.600 BHD4.200 BHD

              Solar Powered LED Lights Garden Yard Home Owl Lawn Lamp

              14.300 BHD24.300 BHD

              Koala Panda Statue

              12.600 BHD13.080 BHD

              Artificial Red/Pink Flamingos

              3.900 BHD3.980 BHD

              Resin Cute Swing Panda

              27.880 BHD57.880 BHD

              Outdoor Garden Decoration Girl And Boy

              25.680 BHD55.680 BHD

              Miniature Statues

              2.600 BHD3.700 BHD

              Plastic Pink Simulation Flamingo

              12.600 BHD13.660 BHD

              Plastic Simulation Artificial Flamingo Decoration

              11.500 BHD13.200 BHD

              Solar Power Pink Flamingo Lawn Decor

              4.800 BHD5.020 BHD

              Garden Bird Prop Decoration

              2.980 BHD3.020 BHD

              Garden Pond Statues

              4.300 BHD4.800 BHD

              artificial steps fairy garden miniatures

              2.150 BHD3.200 BHD

              Dark Garden Pebbles Glow Stones Rocks

              5.650 BHD8.100 BHD
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