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              Home Improvement (90)

              Geepas 2 In 1 Screwdriver Set

              0.900 BHD

              Geepas 10 Pcs Combination Tool Set

              3.900 BHD

              6 In 1 Screwdriver Set

              0.800 BHD

              GEEPAS Home Owner 6Pcs Toolz Set/20 Bits 1x24

              6.160 BHD

              GEEPAS 3 Pcs Combination Tool Set 1x24

              2.640 BHD

              GEEPAS Combination Pliers 1X60

              1.540 BHD

              GEEPAS Measuring Tape/5M 1X120

              1.100 BHD

              GEEPAS Fiberglass Handle Machinist Hammer 1x60

              1.430 BHD

              Cordless Drill for 12V with 1Ahx1 1x5

              14.300 BHD

              Makita GA7020 Angle Grinder 7" 2200W (without Disc)

              52.500 BHD

              Makita UB1103 Blower 600W Variable Speed

              36.750 BHD

              Makita DF347D Cordless Driver Drill 10mm (3/8") 14.4V Li-Ion 1.3Ah (2 Batteries and 1 Charger)

              58.800 BHD

              Makita MT Series M4000 Blower

              15.750 BHD

              Makita 4327 Jig Saw 18mm Stroke Variable Speed

              33.600 BHD

              Makita HS7010 Circular Saw 185mm 1600W

              56.700 BHD

              Makita BO3700 Finishing Sander 93 x 185mm 180W

              28.350 BHD

              Makita 4300BA Jig Saw 1" 390W

              88.200 BHD

              Makita HP1230 Hammer Drill 12mm

              33.600 BHD

              Makita 6501 High Speed Drill 6.5mm 230W

              42.000 BHD

              Makita 9557HN Angle Grinder 4.5" 840W

              32.550 BHD

              Makita 4329 Jig Saw 18mm Stroke Variable Speed

              38.850 BHD

              Makita 3700B Trimmer 6mm 440W

              69.300 BHD

              Makita DUB182Z Cordless Blower 18V DC (Without Battery & Charger)

              37.800 BHD

              Karcher K3 Premium Full Control EU High Pressure Washer

              136.500 BHD

              Karcher K3 Eu High Pressure Washer

              126.000 BHD

              Karcher VC2 Premium EU-1 Vacuum Cleaner

              44.630 BHD

              Karcher FP303 Floor Polisher *GB

              94.500 BHD

              Karcher SE4001 GB Spray Extraction Cleaner

              110.250 BHD

              Karcher K2 GB High Pressure Washer

              68.250 BHD

              Karcher WD1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

              34.650 BHD

              Karcher WV1 Plus EU Window Vacuum

              29.400 BHD

              Karcher K2 Basic High Pressure Washer

              47.250 BHD

              Karcher VC5 Premium EU-1 Vacuum Cleaner

              81.380 BHD

              Karcher VC1800 Dry Vacuum Cleaner

              63.000 BHD

              Karcher WD2 Gb Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

              40.950 BHD

              45 Pc. Ratchet Screwdriver Bit Set

              7.000 BHD

              B&D PRESSURE WASHER 1400W

              41.000 BHD

              1300 w pressure washer

              34.000 BHD

              420W hedge trimmer with 45cm blade

              40.000 BHD

              1800w 42cm Electric Lawnmower With Compact&go

              125.000 BHD

              1600w 38cm Electric Lawnmower With Compact&go

              106.000 BHD

              1200w 32cm Electric Lawnmower

              76.000 BHD

              109 Piece Mixed Accessory Set

              11.000 BHD

              Family Series 50 Pce Accessory Set

              9.000 BHD

              Family Series 100 Piece Accessory Set

              16.000 BHD

              31 Pc. Automobile Set

              12.000 BHD

              36 Pc. Sos Torch Kit

              11.000 BHD

              44 Pce Cordless Screwdriver & Accessory

              18.000 BHD

              19pc S/driving Blister + Kc9006

              7.000 BHD

              54pc S/driving Set + Kc9006 Screwdriver

              12.000 BHD

              30 Pce New Family Set - Titanium Bits

              9.000 BHD