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              Hot Beverages (409)

              Power Root Alitea 3 In1 Classic Ginger Tea 30 X 20g

              2.350 BHD

              Lipton Yellow Label Black 25 Teabags

              0.540 BHD

              Twinning's Infuso Teabag Lemon & Ginger 2 x 20pcs

              3.050 BHD

              Nescafe Red Mug Instant Coffee 200g

              3.150 BHD

              Nescafe Red Mug Instant Coffee 100g

              1.750 BHD

              Al Safi Long Life Milk Full Fat 1Litre x 4 Pieces

              1.810 BHD

              Al Marai Full Fat Long Life Milk 1Litre x 4 Pieces

              1.500 BHD

              Safio Banana Flavored Milk 125ml x 6 Pieces

              0.530 BHD

              Nestle Sweet Condensed Milk 397g

              0.770 BHD

              Nestle Cream Honey 175g

              0.470 BHD

              Nestle Nido Fortified Milk Powder 400g

              1.730 BHD

              Cadbury Cocoa Powder 250g

              1.680 BHD

              Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 500g

              1.880 BHD

              Lipton Herbal Infusions Camomile 20 Teabags

              1.000 BHD

              Bru Coffee Original 200g

              2.520 BHD

              Lipton Tea Bag 100pcs + 30pcs

              1.770 BHD

              Koko Dairy Free Coconut Milk 1Litre

              1.370 BHD

              Tetley Drawstring Strong Black Tea 25pc

              0.510 BHD

              Alicafe Black Gold Premium Instant Black Coffee 100g

              2.240 BHD

              PG Tips Lovely Cups Of Tea 100 Tea Bags

              2.590 BHD

              Twinings Pure Green Tea 25 Bags

              1.460 BHD

              Twinings Jasmine Green Tea Bags 25pcs

              1.350 BHD

              Twinings Green Tea And Mint 25pcs

              1.580 BHD

              Twinings Green Tea And Lemon 25pcs

              1.390 BHD

              Twinings Green Tea & Mint 50s

              2.730 BHD

              Twinings English Breakfast Tea 25 X 2g

              1.280 BHD

              Twinings Earl Grey Tea Bags 25pcs

              1.380 BHD

              Twining's Strawberry And Raspberry 20pcs

              1.770 BHD

              Twining's Pure Green Tea 50s

              2.300 BHD

              Whole Earth Wake Up Coffee Alternative 125g

              2.720 BHD

              Power Root Alicafe Classic 3 In1 Regular Coffee 40 Sachets 700g

              2.510 BHD

              Percol Natural Decaf Colombia Ground Coffee 200g

              2.820 BHD

              Percol Colombian Satisfyingly Smooth Ground Coffee 200g

              4.190 BHD

              Nestle Coffeemate Original Non Dairy Coffee Creamer Bag In Box 2 X 450g

              2.740 BHD

              Nestle Coffeemate Original Non Dairy Coffee Creamer 170g

              0.770 BHD

              Nestle Coffeemate Non Dairy Coffee Creamer Original 400g

              1.420 BHD

              Nestle Coffee Mate Non Dairy Coffee Creamer Original 400g

              1.320 BHD

              NESCAFe3in1 Hazelnut Coffee 17g x 20 Pieces

              1.980 BHD

              Nescafe Vanilla Instant Foaming Mix 18.5g X 10 Pieces

              2.600 BHD

              Nescafe Taster's choice House Blend Light Coffee 198g

              6.290 BHD

              Nescafe Sweetened Cappuccino 18g x 10 Pieces

              2.310 BHD

              Nescafe Red Mug Instant Coffee 50g

              0.400 BHD0.890 BHD

              Nescafe Original Decaff 100g

              3.400 BHD

              Nescafe Gold Vanilla Latte 18.5g x 8 Pieces

              1.900 BHD

              Nescafe Gold Latte 19.5g x 8 Pieces

              1.940 BHD

              Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee 50g

              1.500 BHD

              Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee 200g

              5.000 BHD

              Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee 100g

              2.840 BHD

              Nescafe Gold Double Choc Mocha 23g x 8 Pieces

              2.000 BHD

              Nescafe Gold Cappuccino Unsweetened 14.2g x 10 Pieces

              2.050 BHD

              Nescafe Espresso Rich With Crema 100g

              3.770 BHD

              Nescafe Dolce Gusto Latte Machiato Caramel 168.8g

              2.700 BHD

              Nescafe Dolce Gusto Espresso 96g

              2.700 BHD

              Nescafe Dolce Gusto Chai Tea Latte 159g

              3.140 BHD

              Nescafe Creamy Latte 3in1 Instant Coffee 22.4g x 24pcs

              1.980 BHD

              Nescafe Coffee Jar 200g

              2.940 BHD

              Nescafe Classic 3 in 1 My Cup Stick 20g x 24+4

              2.070 BHD

              Nescafe Classic 3 in 1 My Cup Sachet 20g 30+5

              2.400 BHD

              Nescafe Arabiana Instant Coffee With Cardamom 3g x 20 Pieces

              3.150 BHD

              Nescafe Arabiana Instant Arabic Coffee With Saffron 3g x 20 Pieces

              3.200 BHD

              Nescafe 3 In1 Instant Coffee Mix Sachet 20g x 30 Pieces

              2.200 BHD

              Nescafe 3 in 1 Creamy Latte 22.4g x 20pcs

              1.980 BHD

              Nescafe 2In1 Instant Coffee Mix Sugar Free 11.7g x 25 Pieces

              2.100 BHD

              Najjar Cafe Classic with Cardamom 200g

              1.670 BHD

              Melitta Mocca Strong And Aromatic Coffee 500g

              4.450 BHD

              Maatouk Lebanese Coffee With Cardamom 250g

              2.050 BHD

              Maatouk Lebanese Coffee Gourmet Blend 250g

              1.640 BHD

              Lulu Three In One Instant Coffee 20g x 20 Pieces

              1.460 BHD

              Lulu Instant Coffee 50g

              0.720 BHD

              Lulu Instant Coffee 200g

              1.560 BHD

              Lulu Coffee Gold 50g

              0.890 BHD

              Lulu Coffee Gold 200g

              3.030 BHD

              Lulu Coffee Gold 100g

              1.770 BHD

              Lulu Coffee 75 Gm

              0.980 BHD

              Lulu Cafe instant Coffee 100g

              1.040 BHD

              Kopiko Brown Coffee More In 1 10 X 25g Sachets

              0.710 BHD

              Klassno Irish Cappuccino 10 X 18g Sachets

              1.430 BHD

              Davidoff Cafe Grand Cuvee Espresso Coffee 250g

              3.260 BHD

              Double Horse Instant Ginger Coffee 150g

              0.840 BHD

              Dualit Decaf Espresso 52g

              2.000 BHD

              Illy Espresso Decaffeinated Coffee 125g

              3.880 BHD

              Kif Almosafer Instant Arabic Coffee Cardamom 30g

              0.800 BHD

              Kif Almosafer Instant Arabic Coffee Saffron 30g

              0.720 BHD

              Klassno Cappuccino Traditional 18g x 8's

              1.430 BHD

              Budallah Bahraini Mix with Cardamom Fresh Coffee 250g

              1.430 BHD

              Budallah Arab Dark Coffee 250g

              1.470 BHD

              Alicafe Signature 3 in 1 French Raost Coffee 30 x 25g

              2.470 BHD