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              Here comes Room Lighting collection of our extensive array of lamps, light fixtures, LED spotlights and much more. We offers all types of lighting collection ranges from indoor lights, outdoor lights, decorative lights, integrated lights, solar lights, smart lights, wedding lights, commercial lights, residential lighting etc. Adorn your home with magnificent lights and bring the vibrant feel in your abode!

              Room Lighting

              Asterope Metal Floor Lamp - 150 cms

              37.000 BHD

              Tejat Printed Electrical Table Lamp

              41.000 BHD

              20W/2U/Pin Energy Saving Lamp 1X50

              1.440 BHD

              3U/Pin Energy Saving Lamp1X50

              1.680 BHD


              21.000 BHD


              58.400 BHD


              30.500 BHD


              4.100 BHD


              7.900 BHD

              BB-BLUE GLS TBL LMP TH27.5/T80

              13.400 BHD

              BB-CONCH RSN TBL LMP TH27.5/80

              20.000 BHD


              2.800 BHD


              2.200 BHD

              BB-T-LIGHT HOLDER/FX25119

              0.800 BHD

              BB-T-LIGHT HOLDER /FX25040

              0.800 BHD

              BB-T-LIGHT HOLDER/FX25901/8.5X

              1.500 BHD

              BB-T-LIGHT HOLDER/FX25905/8X8X

              1.200 BHD

              Georgie's Pendant Lamp

              22.000 BHD

              Rosanna Pendant lamp

              37.000 BHD

              Princess Crown Shaped Chandelier

              24.000 BHD

              Gomeisa 6-Light Chandelier

              58.000 BHD

              Icefall 6-Light Metallic Chandelier

              78.000 BHD

              Medalion Embellished 8-Light Chandelier

              62.000 BHD

              Medalion Crystal Embellished Chandelier

              38.000 BHD

              Gomeisa Decorative Wall Lamp with Dangling Crystal

              8.500 BHD

              Barny's LED Wall Light

              6.500 BHD

              Ella's LED Wall Art

              5.500 BHD

              Bernie's Decorative LED Wall Light

              6.500 BHD

              Bubble Deedee Speech Bubble Wall Lamp

              6.500 BHD

              Eli Eiffel Tower Wall Light

              6.500 BHD

              Icefall Metallic Wall Lamp

              15.000 BHD

              Medalion Crystal Embellished Wall Lamp - 26 cms

              9.500 BHD

              Rosanna Floor Lamp

              48.000 BHD

              Aladfar Resin Floor Lamp

              47.000 BHD

              Sceptrum Electrical Tripod Floor Lamp

              48.000 BHD

              Procyon Textured Floor Lamp

              53.000 BHD

              Caranation Floor Lamp

              19.000 BHD

              Sarir Metallic Electrical Floor Lamp

              43.000 BHD

              Tania Modern Luxe Floor Lamp

              63.000 BHD

              Athebyne Metallic Electrical Floor Lamp

              52.000 BHD

              Rana Metallic LED Floor Lamp

              53.000 BHD

              Yildun Capiz Floor Lamp

              43.000 BHD

              Pleione Abaca Floor Lamp

              53.000 BHD

              Wezen Metallic Floor Lamp with Dangling Crystals

              38.000 BHD

              Zaniah Metallic Floor Lamp

              27.000 BHD

              Daxine Electric Floor Lamp - 160 cms

              40.000 BHD

              Demopolis Bamboo Floor Lamp - 154 cms

              58.000 BHD

              Richmond LED Uplighter Floor Lamp

              33.000 BHD

              Medalion Crystal Embellished Floor Lamp - 160 cms

              41.000 BHD

              Pherkad Floor Lamp with Ball Accent

              43.000 BHD

              Blinge Metal Floor Lamp - 152.5 cms

              31.000 BHD

              Katiou Metal Floor Lamp - 145 cms

              30.000 BHD

              Vega Metallic Floor Lamp

              22.000 BHD

              Alrai Floor Lamp - 50 cms

              32.000 BHD

              Nebula Galaxy Double Sided Pendant Necklace

              2.600 BHD2.800 BHD

              dropshipping 1pcs thor's hammer mjolnir pendant necklace

              2.600 BHD3.600 BHD

              I Love You Projection Pendant Necklace

              2.900 BHD3.400 BHD

              Silver Blue Wicked Eye Pendant

              6.280 BHD14.280 BHD

              Silver Flower Fairy Dangle Pendant Charms fit Women Charm

              4.600 BHD

              Silver Key Of Heart Open & Close Pendant Charms

              7.980 BHD19.980 BHD

              Silver Bohemian Dream Catcher Pendant Charm fit Bracelet & Necklaces Silver

              6.400 BHD

              925 Sterling Silver Symbol Of Lucky In Love

              5.600 BHD6.800 BHD

              Silver Trendy Memory Charm Pendant fit Women charm Bracelet

              3.200 BHD4.080 BHD

              Silver Shining Heart Key Shape Pendant

              3.800 BHD4.900 BHD

              Silver Ocean Blue CZ Stone Heart Shape Pendant Necklace

              11.640 BHD18.640 BHD

              Happiness Four-Leaf Clover Pendant Charms Fit Original Bracelet & necklace

              5.360 BHD8.360 BHD

              Silver Little Bear Pendant Clear CZ Animal Charms Fit Charm Bracelets Necklace

              3.800 BHD4.200 BHD

              Lollipop candy Sweetie Pendant

              5.560 BHD7.360 BHD

              Silver Crystals Pendant Charms fit Bracelets Necklace

              5.860 BHD13.860 BHD

              Silver Moon and Star Tales Chain Link Pendant Necklaces

              3.540 BHD

              g Silver Love Gift Box Dangle Ball Charm Pendant

              9.680 BHD16.580 BHD

              TOP Quality Openwork Wing Charms Silver Color European Charms & Pendant

              2.600 BHD2.980 BHD

              BAMOER Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

              2.980 BHD

              Hot Sale 925 Sterling Silver Sweet Cherry Cream Cupcake Pendant

              6.100 BHD7.400 BHD

              Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Graduate

              3.100 BHD3.800 BHD

              Alrai Floor Lamp - 50 cms

              32.000 BHD

              Shihab Metal Arc Floor Lamp - 199 cms

              63.000 BHD

              Epocro Metal Floor Lamp - 150 cms

              30.000 BHD

              Aldafar Textured Floor Lamp

              32.000 BHD

              Dahlia Electric Floor Lamp - 177 cms

              19.000 BHD

              Mix and Match Floor Lamp Base

              12.000 BHD

              Sindor Metal Floor Lamp - 150 cms

              33.000 BHD

              Larissa Mother and Daughter Floor Lamp

              17.000 BHD

              Triton Electric Floor Lamp - 150 cms

              33.000 BHD

              Medalion Crystal Detail Electrical Floor Lamp

              38.000 BHD

              Zibal Decorative Table Lamp

              62.000 BHD

              Table Lamp

              27.000 BHD

              Syma Printed Table Lamp

              63.000 BHD

              Coastal Handcrafted Electric Table Lamp - 50 cms

              35.000 BHD

              Debonaire Table Lamp

              37.000 BHD

              Spiderman Printed 3-Pin Table Lamp

              17.000 BHD

              Mercurial Decorative Table Lamp

              33.000 BHD

              Ella Electrical Table Lamp

              50.000 BHD

              Georgie's Table Lamp

              22.000 BHD

              Tania Modern Luxe Table Lamp

              63.000 BHD

              Rotanev Decorative Table Lamp

              43.000 BHD

              Redlands Clear Electric Table Lamp with Flower Applique Detail

              43.000 BHD

              Kuma Printed Table Lamp

              27.000 BHD