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              Kitchen Cleaner (30)

              Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner 300ml

              1.780 BHD

              Dettol Healthy Kitchen Power Cleaner Trigger Spray Orange 500ml

              2.000 BHD

              Jif Cream Cleaner Lemon 500ml

              1.150 BHD

              Clorox 409 Grease Cutting Formula Scouring Creams 1.89Litre

              1.710 BHD

              Mr Muscle Total Kitchen Orange 500ml

              1.810 BHD

              Pledge Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner Original 750ml

              1.670 BHD

              Dac Drain Opener Crystals 1kg

              1.630 BHD

              Cif Cream Lemon 500ml

              1.130 BHD

              Mr Muscle Power Granule 500g

              2.050 BHD

              Liquid Power Limescale Remover & Descaler 1Litre

              0.790 BHD

              Jif Anti Grease Kitchen Cleaner Spray 500ml x 2pcs

              2.300 BHD

              Flash Febreze Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner Cotton Fresh 400ml

              1.670 BHD

              Mr Muscle Sink And Drain Gel 1Litre

              1.760 BHD

              Clorox Kitchen Cleaner Total 750ml

              1.600 BHD

              Jif Cream Cleaner Ultra White 500ml

              1.250 BHD

              Jif Cream Cleaner Lemon 750ml

              1.570 BHD

              Jif Cream Cleaner Original 750ml

              1.560 BHD

              Dac Kitchen Cleaner Lemon & Lime 500ml

              1.670 BHD

              Jif Ultrafast Multi-Purpose Spray 500ml

              1.530 BHD

              Dettol Power All Purpose Cleaner Trigger Spray Rose 500ml

              2.000 BHD

              Smac Express Multi Degreaser 650ml

              1.460 BHD

              Smac Express Degreaser Disinfectant 650ml

              1.460 BHD

              Fornet Oven Cleaner & Barbecue Cleaner 300ml

              1.730 BHD

              Smac Express Ultra Degreaser Lemon Scent 650ml

              1.460 BHD

              Jif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray 500ml

              1.820 BHD

              Clorox Kitchen Cleaner 500ml + Bathroom Cleaner 500ml

              1.900 BHD

              Jif Scouring Cream Lemon 2 x 500ml

              2.090 BHD

              Pledge Multisurface Floor Cleaner Orange 750ml

              1.740 BHD

              Jif Cream Cleaner 2in1 Anti-Bacterial 500ml

              1.360 BHD

              Mr Muscle Grime Destroyer 500ml

              1.810 BHD
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