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              Take a look into our assortment of LG Smartphones with intuitive features, class-leading technology, premium build quality packed with advanced camera technology like the high resolution OIS+ Camera .Check out LG’s latest mid-price smartphones  like LG G7+ThinQ , LG V40 ThinQ and many more.


              LG Smartphones

              LG V20-H990 64GB Silver

              218.000 BHD

              LG X Cam K580DSZ 4G Titan

              102.380 BHD

              LG K7 - 8GB 1GB Black

              87.000 BHD

              LG K4 - 8GB 1GB Indigo

              74.000 BHD

              LG K10 - 16GB 1GB Black

              68.000 BHD

              Lg nexus 5X - 32GB 2GB Carbon

              136.000 BHD

              Lg G5 SE - 32GB 3GB

              142.000 BHD

              LG k8 - 16GB 1.5GB Black

              64.000 BHD

              LG G6+ - 128GB 4GB Dual Sim

              238.000 BHD

              LG Q6 - 32GB 3GB Astro Black

              97.000 BHD

              LG G7+ThinQ - 128GB 6GB Platinum Gray

              197.000 BHD

              LG G6 - 32GB 4GB Black

              152.000 BHD

              LG V30+ - 128GB 4GB Black

              204.000 BHD

              LG V40 ThinQ - 128GB 6GB New Moroccan Blue

              248.000 BHD
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