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              Other Jewelry (255)

              Golden Zinc Alloy Coin Charm

              2.300 BHD3.500 BHD

              Heart Shaped Stethoscope Charms

              2.400 BHD3.200 BHD

              Crown Charms

              2.800 BHD4.900 BHD

              bracelet princess charms

              2.800 BHD4.200 BHD

              6pcs Charms guardian angel

              3.100 BHD5.800 BHD

              Potts and Chip Charm

              2.300 BHD2.600 BHD

              Antique Silver Christmas Snowflake Charms

              1.500 BHD2.300 BHD

              Filigree Moon Shape Earring Findings Charm

              1.500 BHD2.300 BHD

              Tibetan Silver Plated Pinky Swear Promise Charm

              2.580 BHD4.300 BHD

              Buddha Religion Charm

              3.100 BHD3.900 BHD

              Cartoon Animal Pendant

              2.800 BHD4.600 BHD

              Rhinestone Rabbit Head Hang Pendants Beads Slide Charms

              2.300 BHD4.100 BHD

              Antique Silver Alloy Metal Hollow Out Elephant Animal Charms

              1.940 BHD2.300 BHD

              Christmas Pendants Ornaments Beads

              1.600 BHD2.500 BHD

              Rubber Lacquer Hollow Face Charms

              1.900 BHD2.300 BHD

              Dumbo Dangle Charms

              2.400 BHD3.400 BHD

              Charm Drops&Pendants

              1.800 BHD2.300 BHD

              Red Mitten Charm

              2.300 BHD4.300 BHD

              Charms light bulb

              1.800 BHD2.600 BHD

              Starfish Shell Rudder Anchor Charms

              1.900 BHD2.600 BHD

              Moon Charm

              2.800 BHD3.200 BHD

              Sunflower Charms

              2.100 BHD2.900 BHD

              green fit charms

              1.900 BHD2.300 BHD

              Metal Alloy Two Color Vehicle Charms Train Pendants

              1.200 BHD2.300 BHD

              8pcs Charms single stand crane flamingo

              1.600 BHD2.400 BHD

              Alloy Charms

              1.400 BHD2.100 BHD

              Sweet Bell Charms

              2.800 BHD3.500 BHD

              Gold Color Tone Moon&Star With Rhinestone Charm

              2.200 BHD2.600 BHD

              Cat Enamel Charms

              1.200 BHD1.800 BHD

              Musical Microphone Charms

              2.100 BHD3.200 BHD

              bracelet unicorn charms

              2.300 BHD3.100 BHD

              Feather Charms

              2.400 BHD3.400 BHD

              Dumbo Dangle Charm

              2.300 BHD2.900 BHD

              PULCHRITUDE Vintage Metal Hearts Charms Retro love Pendant

              2.700 BHD3.400 BHD

              Charms hollow heart

              2.020 BHD3.800 BHD

              Charms lovely pig

              2.100 BHD3.200 BHD

              Tale All Princess Skirt Magic Dress Big Hole Charm

              1.800 BHD2.100 BHD

              Antique Silver Double Side rectangle Cactus Charms

              2.300 BHD3.100 BHD