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              Welcome to Home Appliances online store. Get more done at home and upgrade your home with a wide variety of Small Home Appliances such as  Irons & Garment Steamer,  Water Purifiers,  Room Heaters,  Fans,  Vacuum Cleaners,  Sewing Machines,  Water Heater,  Air Purifiers,  Flash Lights  and lot more from all well-known brands without draining your wallet.

              Other Small Appliances

              Extension Socket/6 Way -3 M 1X20

              6.000 BHD

              3 Way Socket VDE Plug 1X24

              2.160 BHD

              15M Cable Reel/Rotating Bracket 1x4

              29.760 BHD

              5Way Extension Socket/3M/13A 1X24

              4.320 BHD

              4Way Extension Socket/3M/13A 1X24

              3.840 BHD

              3 Way Extension Socket/3M/13A 1X24

              3.480 BHD

              Extension Socket/3Way-5 M 1x20

              5.880 BHD

              Extension Socket/ 4Way-3 M/Usb Port1x20

              7.800 BHD

              Extension Socket/3Way-3M/Usb Port1x20

              7.200 BHD

              Extension Socket/5 Way -3 M 1X20

              5.520 BHD

              Extension Socket/4 Way -3 M 1X20

              5.040 BHD

              Extension Socket/3 Way -3 M 1X20

              4.200 BHD

              Extension Socket/2 Way -3 M 1X20

              3.840 BHD

              Portable Multi Socket/6 Way-5 Mtr1x20

              7.440 BHD

              Portable Multi Socket/5Way-5 Mtr1x20

              7.080 BHD

              Portable Multi Socket/4Way-3Mtr 1x20

              5.520 BHD

              Portable Multi Socket/3Way-3Mtr1x20

              5.040 BHD

              6 Way Socket VDE Plug 1X24

              3.360 BHD

              5 Way Socket VDE Plug 1X24

              2.640 BHD
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