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              Pendants (24)

              Georgie's Pendant Lamp

              19.900 BHD

              Rosanna Pendant lamp

              33.900 BHD

              Princess Crown Shaped Chandelier

              21.900 BHD

              Nebula Galaxy Double Sided Pendant Necklace

              1.620 BHD

              I Love You Projection Pendant Necklace

              2.560 BHD

              Silver Blue Wicked Eye Pendant

              3.100 BHD

              Silver Flower Fairy Dangle Pendant Charms fit Women Charm

              2.300 BHD

              Silver Key Of Heart Open & Close Pendant Charms

              5.800 BHD

              Silver Bohemian Dream Catcher Pendant Charm fit Bracelet & Necklaces Silver

              3.200 BHD

              925 Sterling Silver Symbol Of Lucky In Love

              4.560 BHD5.690 BHD

              Silver Trendy Memory Charm Pendant fit Women charm Bracelet

              2.750 BHD

              Silver Shining Heart Key Shape Pendant

              2.880 BHD

              Silver Ocean Blue CZ Stone Heart Shape Pendant Necklace

              5.510 BHD

              Happiness Four-Leaf Clover Pendant Charms Fit Original Bracelet & necklace

              5.360 BHD8.360 BHD

              Silver Little Bear Pendant Clear CZ Animal Charms Fit Charm Bracelets Necklace

              2.690 BHD

              Lollipop candy Sweetie Pendant

              5.560 BHD7.360 BHD

              Silver Crystals Pendant Charms fit Bracelets Necklace

              4.980 BHD6.390 BHD

              Silver Moon and Star Tales Chain Link Pendant Necklaces

              3.540 BHD

              g Silver Love Gift Box Dangle Ball Charm Pendant

              5.360 BHD6.980 BHD

              TOP Quality Openwork Wing Charms Silver Color European Charms & Pendant

              3.030 BHD5.360 BHD

              BAMOER Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

              2.980 BHD

              Hot Sale 925 Sterling Silver Sweet Cherry Cream Cupcake Pendant

              5.030 BHD9.360 BHD

              Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Graduate

              3.980 BHD
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