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              Grow your business by accepting payments online with POS machines. We offer reliable and seamless POS equipments and accessories including, barcode scanners, terminals, hardware and software and much more ensuring utmost security and convenience.

              POS Machine

              Retail Shop Package

              738.000 BHD

              Restaurant Package

              738.000 BHD

              Retail Man Software

              372.000 BHD

              Pops Restaurant

              370.000 BHD

              Thermal Paper Rolls - 50 Pieces

              23.000 BHD

              Zktecho Ua300 Finger Print

              245.500 BHD

              Cash Drawer - Deli

              40.000 BHD

              Cash Drawer - Epos

              45.000 BHD

              Sage 50 Us Premium Accounting 1 User

              181.500 BHD

              Honeywell Stand Barcode Scanner

              120.500 BHD

              Sage 50 Us Premium Accounting 5 Users

              497.000 BHD

              Posbank Dcr X86

              401.000 BHD

              Godex Hand Barcode Scanner

              39.000 BHD

              Posstore Ps-7 Pos Printer

              92.000 BHD

              Posbank Imprex® Prime

              617.300 BHD

              Zebra Barcode Printer

              160.500 BHD

              Posbank A11 Pos Printer

              92.300 BHD

              Sage 50 Ca Premium Accounting 2 Users

              201.000 BHD

              Posbank Apexa® G

              372.000 BHD

              Posbank Apexa® Prime

              500.000 BHD

              Deli Hand Barcode Scanner

              40.000 BHD
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