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              YKOFFER (30)

              Fratelli 60 x 60 Cooker, Full Safety

              81.270 BHD

              Toshiba Front Load Washer 7KG

              135.350 BHD

              Toshiba Auto Washer, 10.0 Kg., Gold Panel, Metal Body,2 water inlets with pump

              141.800 BHD177.000 BHD

              Toshiba Auto Washer, 9.0 Kg, Blue Panel, Metal Body,2 water inlets with pump

              131.300 BHD160.000 BHD

              Toshiba Auto Washer, 9.0 Kg, Blue Panel, Metal Body

              120.800 BHD149.000 BHD

              TOSHIBA Auto Washer, 8.0 Kg., Black Panel , Metal body

              110.300 BHD138.000 BHD

              Toshiba Auto Washer, 7.0 Kg., Blue Panel, Metal Body

              94.500 BHD122.000 BHD

              TOSHIBA Auto Washer, 6.0 Kg., Blue Panel, Metal Body

              84.000 BHD105.000 BHD

              Indesit Chest Freezer 400 Lt.

              141.700 BHD177.000 BHD

              Indesit Chest Freezer 315 Lt.

              126.000 BHD155.000 BHD

              Indesit Chest Freezer 245 Lt.

              110.200 BHD133.000 BHD

              Toshiba LED TV 75  INCH SMART UHD

              603.800 BHD805.000 BHD

              Super General 49 Inch LED with DVBT2 & Smart

              114.500 BHD166.000 BHD

              Super General 32 " LED Digital TV

              41.000 BHD89.000 BHD


              78.700 BHD100.000 BHD

              Toshiba Refrigerator, 720Ltrs, Double Door, Ultra Fresh, Duo Hybrid, AG Crisper, Bright Silver

              267.800 BHD348.000 BHD

              Toshiba Ref. 655 Ltrs, Inverter Compressor, No Frost, 2 Door, Fine Stainless

              231.000 BHD304.000 BHD

              Super General Chiller 1000 Ltr, 2 Door, Nofrost, White

              273.000 BHD360.000 BHD

              TOSHIBA Refrigerator,475Ltrs,Inverter Compressor,No Frost,2 Door,Dark Silver

              178.500 BHD193.000 BHD

              TOSHIBA Refrigerator, 290 Ltrs, No Frost, 2 Door, Gold

              114.500 BHD138.000 BHD

              IGNIS Chest Freezer,315 Ltrs

              136.500 BHD155.000 BHD

              Indesit Upright Freezer, frost free, 222 Ltrs, Silver

              173.200 BHD233.000 BHD

              Westpoint AC Split 18K Cool R410a Rotary – Indoor & outdoor

              198.500 BHD222.000 BHD

              Classic Split A/C 24MBH, Cool Only, Recip. Compressor - Indoor

              225.800 BHD283.000 BHD

              Toshiba LED TV 65 INCH SMART UHD

              299.300 BHD497.000 BHD

              Toshiba LED TV 55 INCH SMART UHD

              168.000 BHD331.000 BHD

              Toshiba LED TV 50 INCH SMART UHD

              147.000 BHD276.000 BHD

              TOSHIBA Semi Auto Washer , 10Kg, Smoky Gray lid

              78.800 BHD100.000 BHD

              Super General 43 Inch LED with DVBT2 & Smart

              89.300 BHD144.000 BHD

              Super General Vaccum Cleaner, 2000W

              20.000 BHD34.000 BHD
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