About Us

About Dukakeen.com

We at Dukakeen.com feel privileged to cater to customers from different ventures offering thousands of international and branded products that fit well within their budget. The one-stop-shop ensures the best online shopping experience within Middle East and confidence to grow into a market leader with all leading Brands/products for its residents / local people. Our prime initiative is ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction and our efforts are committed to bringing in a business-to-customer relationship by easing out the procedures during the implementation of purchases. We are in the process of ensuring that our online shopping venture offers the best of the products with ease in delivery for our customers. We are extremely passionate about what we do so that we can make our customers feel satisfied no matter what products they choose. We rate our customers as highly knowledgeable seeking top-notch products that guarantee state-of-the-art features at economical rates.
Last but not the least, Our Goal is to ensure that the business relationship journey begins right from the buying step and continues even after the product delivery. Dukakeen.com is equipped with a strong, dedicated, and effective backend / front end support team working round the clock ensuring a smooth and user-friendly integrated Website / Application. 

Who we are?

Dukakeen.com is the leading online shopping platform headquartered in Fakhro tower, Bahrain that serves all over GCC countries. Developed in 2015, Its endless product mix includes exclusive in-house collections, sports goods, Electronics, Mobiles, Perfumes, and globally recognized brands. Something customers choose Dukakeen.com for is its aspirational yet available product selection. We pride ourselves on the range and price of our products, which are 100% genuine products, Dukakeen.com has grown into a brand that champions digital innovation, has a fiercely independent spirit, and inspires its fashion-loving customer to experiment with their style. To make your shopping fun, you get rewards for all activities you do on the site; you can share and review purchases with friends, 


Our vision is to become a globally trusted e-commerce platform where customer needs are fulfilled.


Dukakeen.com mission is to create value for every customer for the trust they have invested by providing the best quality products, At the best price with 24/7 customer support, and delivering at every doorstep.

We provide you the opportunity to sell your products through us. Our enormous reach to the public will help you to boost your business.

Be a part of us! Grow with us!