Toshiba 55U5865EE 4K UHD Smart LED Television 55inch
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Toshiba 55U5865EE 4K UHD Smart LED Television 55inch

4K HDR - High Dynamic Range
Combining 4K resolution and HDR (High Dynamic Range), 4K HDR drastically enhances a wider range of grey scale in a bighter resolution. 4K HDR widens the range between the pure black and pure white, not only making bright images brighter and dark images darker but also creating more differentiation in between. In such, 4K HDR delivers more detail and higher contrast. It also allows the expression of richer colors. As a result, all images are more realistic.

Digital Era In Broadcasting
With Digital TV technology, Toshiba present best viewing setting for an engaging session in a large screen. Professional picture quality and superior sound quality to enhance your lifestyle.

Smart TV
Discover the joy of watching online movies and music videos, playing  games and make online online activity. Do even more on a huge screen of professional quality by taking advantage of thousands of apps* available for download or linking . You can also browse the Web for your favourite videos and other content, as well as use screen mirroring capabilities to enjoy photos and movies from
smartphones and tablets via wireless transfer.
*App availability is subject to app developer’s discretion and decision.

YouTube is the one of most popular services for video content storage and streaming. Now it completely compatible with your TV.

Netflix – vast numbers of TV shows, videos, movies

More Movies At Hand
Supporting 28 video formats for enhanced playback compatibility.

WiFi Wireless Connectivity
Use wireless connection to the internet and local network for browsing content and watch movies and multimedia

Digital Sound Quality
Dolby Digital is a digital audio coding technique that reduces the amount of data needed to produce high quality sound. Dolby Digital takes advantage of how the human ear processes sound. Dolby Digital provides five full-bandwidth channels, front left, front right, center, surround left, and surround right, for true surround sound quality.

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