Kenwood Kitchen Machine
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Kenwood Kitchen Machine - KM283

Kenwood Kitchen Machine Prospero

A fantastic feature of the Prospero KM283 is that even though it’s a budget stand mixer, it has additional power outlets to turn it into a true ‘kitchen machine'


The Prospero KM283 comes with a splash guard and pouring spout. This is easy to fit, but due to the hole that is left at the back of the bowl and the hole for the pouring spout, could have been better designed.

The 4.3 litre mixing bowl feels top-quality as it’s solid stainless steel.





·         900W, great for everyday use in a family kitchen



·         Large 4.3L stainless steel bowl



·         3 bowl tools with Kenwood planetary mixing action



·         Fully interlocked machine for added safety



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