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              Add a speedy grinding touch to your kitchen with branded mixer grinders that can mince all kinds of meat and grains with excellent speed. Choose powerful and dynamic mixer grinders, built with quality blades online at affordable price from quality brands like butterfly, Geepas, Philips,Preethy etc.

              Appliances For Kitchen - Grinder

              2In1 Mixer Grinder/1.5 S/S Jar/550W1X4

              16.440 BHD

              Butterfly Mixer Grinder 4 JAR,750W (MATCHLESS)

              36.000 BHD

              Black+Decker Coffee Grinder CBM4

              11.500 BHD

              Philips Meat Grinder HR2713/31 450W

              47.250 BHD

              Geepas Meat Grinder

              23.520 BHD

              Panasonic Meat Grinder MKG1800P

              114.000 BHD

              3In1 Mixer Grinder/S/S Jar1.5/1/.5L1X4

              28.920 BHD


              33.000 BHD

              Mixer Grinder With 3 S/S Jars/750W1X2

              27.600 BHD

              Mixer Grindr/3 S/S Jars/ABS Body/550W1X2

              26.160 BHD

              Auto Rev. Meat Grinder/Plastic Body 1X6

              27.720 BHD

              Meat Grinder

              22.200 BHD

              Meat Grinder/Metal Gear/Revrse Functn1x4

              38.160 BHD

              S/S Meat Grinder/Reverse/Metal Gears1x4

              30.360 BHD

              S/S Meat Grinder/Reverse/1GK/Min Cap1x4

              28.560 BHD

              SENCOR Food Chopper SCB5100W

              14.750 BHD

              Butterfly Mixer Grinder 2 JAR,550W (RHINO)

              22.000 BHD

              Butterfly Mixer Grinder 2 JAR,550W ( EMERALD)

              22.000 BHD

              Butterfly Mixer Grinder 3 JAR,600W (PEBBLE)

              25.000 BHD

              Preethi Blue Leaf Mixer MG139/08

              39.900 BHD

              Moulinex Coffee Grinder AR110O27

              13.590 BHD

              Butter fly Mixer Grinder Pebble 600W 3Jar

              27.500 BHD

              Butterfly Mixer Grinder 4Jar MATCHLESS-4

              37.280 BHD

              Preethi Mixer Grinder Trio MG182/08

              33.770 BHD

              Butterfly Mixer Grinder SPLENDID-3

              29.780 BHD

              Ikon Blender With Grinder IK-102

              12.020 BHD

              Black & Decker 300W Blender With grinder

              15.500 BHD
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