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              So this is the area for home lovers to find everything for your perfect home starting from your living room to kitchen. Amaze your guests when they are in your living room splendid with top branded Television, Audio & video systems. Enhance each and every corner of house with Small appliances and Large appliances from Dukakeen. Make your kitchen the most attractive area as well with kitchen products. And not yet finished secure all this belongings from burglars and trespassers with our Home security accessories. Yeah now you have s sweet home!

              Home Appliances (3256)

              Geepas Electric Quartz Heater

              14.900 BHD

              Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaner DVJ320J

              24.990 BHD

              MA-P68 Portable Hifi movie directed Smartphone Interview Recording Microphone Directional Mic for iPhone iPad Android Phones

              12.710 BHD

              OLLIVAN Pro Audio Microphones 3.5mm Jack Plug Clip-on Lavalier Mic Stereo Mini Wired External Microphone for Mobile Phone 1.5M

              3.390 BHD

              Professional Headworn Condenser Mic Headset Microphone 3.5mm Male Screw Jack Microfone For Karaoke Wireless System Transmitter

              5.910 BHD

              Microphone Professional UHF Wireless Microphone System Lavalier Lapel Mic Receiver+Transmitter for Camcorder Recorder Microphone

              11.620 BHD

              Collar clip headset microphone microphone Mai teacher guide interview performance speech headset microphone microphone

              1.370 BHD

              Portable 3.5mm Jack Microphone Mini Condenser Wireless Player Speaker Voice Mic Micorphone For IPhone Android Audio Accessories

              1.590 BHD

              1pc WR601 Professional Wireless Microphone System Receiver Transmitter Lapel Clip On Microphone System Kit

              4.590 BHD

              Hot sale Mini Wired Condenser Microphone for iphone Samsung Smartphone Clip-on Lapel Lavalier Microphone 3.5mm Jack Hands-free

              1.910 BHD

              1-to-2 Universal VHF Wireless Microphone Handheld 2 Channel microfone sem fio with Receiver for Karaoke/Business Meeting microfo

              14.630 BHD

              Phone Microphone Mini Portable 3.5mm Condenser Phone Video Camera Interview Mic Microphone With Muff For iPhone Samsung Mic

              7.220 BHD

              Geepas Fan Heater 1X8

              6.000 BHD

              Geepas Deep Fryer/3Ltr/SS body/Timer 1x2

              22.600 BHD

              Geepas Digital Kitchen Scale 5Kg Capacity 1x12

              4.500 BHD

              Hisence Single Door Refrigerator RR195DAGS 195Ltr

              74.100 BHD

              PRCLN TEA C&S 250ML/ARTSNL WHT

              3.900 BHD

              LG Top Load Fully Automatic Washer 17kg T1766NEFTF

              210.000 BHD

              LG Top Load Fully Automatic Washer 17 kg T1766NEFTU

              203.250 BHD

              2In1 Mixer Grinder/1.5 S/S Jar/550W1X4

              13.700 BHD

              Popcorn Maker 1x12

              6.800 BHD

              Extension Socket/6 Way -3 M 1X20

              5.000 BHD

              3 Way Socket VDE Plug 1X24

              1.800 BHD

              3SC Rech Led Flashlight+Led Lantern1X10

              10.200 BHD

              DVD/5.1/Kar/Usb/Cr/Mp4/Copy/Del/ 1X10

              12.100 BHD

              Heavy Weight Dry Iron/Teflon Coating1x6

              5.900 BHD

              Digital Personal Scale/5MM Glass 1x6

              6.100 BHD

              Electronic Personal Digital Scale 1x6

              3.900 BHD

              Hama TV Stand W/Wall Bracket & Shelves 32-65inch Black D3096067

              39.990 BHD

              Linkcomn LCHD803 HDMI Cable 3m Black

              4.990 BHD

              Hoover Dishwasher HDP2LO36X 5 Programs

              168.000 BHD

              LG Microwave Oven with Grill MH6535GISW 25Ltr

              51.820 BHD

              Nikai Microwave Oven NMO2309MW 23Ltr

              29.400 BHD

              Ikon Microwave Oven D90D25AL 25 Ltr

              32.550 BHD

              Samsung Microwave Oven with Grill MG402MADXBB 40 Ltr

              72.450 BHD

              Sharp Electric Oven EO42K3 42Ltr

              37.800 BHD

              Kenwood Microwave With Grill MWL311 30Ltr

              60.900 BHD

              Samsung Microwave Oven with Convection MC28H5015AW 28Ltr

              72.450 BHD

              Hitachi Microwave Oven HMRD2311 23Ltr

              37.280 BHD

              Sharp Electric Oven EO60K3 60Ltr

              46.200 BHD

              Coway Air Purifier AP1008CH

              77.700 BHD

              Hitachi Air Purifier EPA3000

              77.700 BHD

              Hitachi Air Purifier EPA5000

              162.750 BHD

              Philips Air Purifier AC2887/90

              147.530 BHD

              Samsung Air Purifier AX60M5051WS

              214.200 BHD

              Samsung Air Purifier AX40M3030WM

              169.050 BHD

              Hitachi Air Purifier EPA6000

              204.650 BHD

              Philips Air Purifier AC1215/90

              110.150 BHD

              Sharp Air Purifier With Humidifier KCG40SAW

              156.450 BHD

              Sharp Air Purifier With Humidifier KCG50SAW

              169.050 BHD

              Sharp Air Purifier With Humidifier KCG60

              209.990 BHD

              Blueair Air Purifier Classic 280i

              215.250 BHD

              Blueair Air Purifier Classic 205

              169.050 BHD

              Blueair Air Purifier Classic 203

              114.450 BHD

              Blueair Air Purifier Classic 405

              242.550 BHD

              Blueair Air Purifier Classic 680i

              369.600 BHD

              Brother Sewing Machine JA1400

              40.940 BHD

              Brother Sewing Machine GS-2700

              70.250 BHD

              Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MCCG525R 1700W

              46.200 BHD

              Karcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner WD 3

              53.340 BHD

              Philips Handheld Vacuum Cleaner FC6152/61

              24.050 BHD

              Philips Handheld Vacuum Cleaner FC6150/61

              20.780 BHD

              Panasonic Drum Vacuum Cleaner MCYL635

              63.790 BHD

              Kenwood Vacuum Cleaner VC7050 2200W

              41.900 BHD

              Candy Vacuum Cleaner CCR4202\1 003 2000W

              37.800 BHD

              Sharp Drum Vacuum Cleaner EC-CA1820 1800W

              34.650 BHD

              Hitachi Drum Vacuum Cleaner CV950F240CD 2100W

              46.200 BHD

              Hisense Ultra HD Smart LED TV 65B7100UW 65

              120.750 BHD

              Hisense Ultra HD Smart LED TV 65B7100UW 65

              257.250 BHD

              Hisense Ultra HD Smart LED TV 50B7100UW 50

              141.750 BHD

              LG NanoCell Ultra HD Smart LED TV 65SM8100PVA 65

              458.850 BHD