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              Fitness bands are still around and one of these might be the best wristband for you. Choose top branded Huawei SmartTalk BandSamsung Galaxy Fit e Fitness Tracker and many more activity trackers which interact via Bluetooth to know about your walking steps, running distance, heart rate, sleep patterns and get a bit of your fitness details in your wrist.

              Fitness Band (22)

              Huawei SmartTalk Band B5 Black

              78.500 BHD

              Huawei Smart Talk Band B5 Brown

              89.500 BHD

              Ikon Smart Band IK-SB18

              7.000 BHD

              Fitbit Band Charge3 FB409GMBK Graphite Aluminium

              83.000 BHD

              Mi Smart Band 4

              30.000 BHD

              Samsung Galaxy Fit e Fitness Tracker – BlacK

              16.700 BHD

              Samsung Galaxy Fit e Fitness Tracker – White

              16.700 BHD

              Huawei B19 Band 3 Pro Gold Sport Band

              38.740 BHD

              Lerbyee C1Plus Smart Bracelet Color Screen Blood Pressure Fitness Tracker

              5.270 BHD

              Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet ID115 Veryfit APP Bluetooth Band

              8.690 BHD10.360 BHD

              Mijobs Bracelet for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Sport Strap Watch Silicone Wrist Strap

              3.680 BHD6.360 BHD

              Smart Watch Sports Fitness Activity Heart Rate Tracker Blood Pressure wristband

              7.000 BHD9.360 BHD

              Smart Wristband Sport Bracelet Band

              3.980 BHD5.630 BHD

              Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet watch

              10.980 BHD13.890 BHD

              Huawei AW70 Band 3e Fitness Tracker Black

              9.990 BHD16.800 BHD

              Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

              64.000 BHD71.000 BHD

              Xiaomi Mi Band 3

              39.000 BHD

              Huawei Band 3 Pro Obsidian Black Sport Band

              29.910 BHD

              Fastrack Reflex Smart Fitness With Purple Band

              11.990 BHD

              Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Band Small Red – SM-R365

              68.250 BHD
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